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Nandikonda Buddhist Ruins, Nalgonda | Ikshvaku Dynasty Footprints Telangana

Nandikonda is a small village on the banks of the River Krishna. Archaeological excavations have found this village to be rich in chronological value. Due to the presence of these priceless possessions, the village of Nandikonda has gained a special place in the tourism map of Telangana.

Situated near the Vijaypuri Township which was once said to be the capital of the Ikshvaku dynasty Nandikonda is a living example of village contributed by the Ishvaku kings. A witness to the influence of the Ishvakus are the remains of the Ikshvaku fort. A vast rectangular stadium was also discovered from the ruins. Adding on to these, one can also find huge doorways, water channels and h2 walls and pillars that act as emplacements.

An existence of h2 Buddhist remnants have also been found in the place during the excavation at Nandikonda. Many archaeological missions have been piloted to disinter Buddhist remains like the pillared hall and monasteries. Many unrevealed and unknown particulars about the lifestyle of the Buddhist monks are publicized through these monasteries. Interested historians have frequently visited this place Nandikonda to feel a part of history and increase their knowledge about the past.

Nandikonda Buddhist Ruins Nalgonda

Special Attractions:

The Ikshvaku fort in Nandikonda is a special fascination to allure visitors.
Another specialty of Nandikonda is that it is culturally very vast and travelers enjoy spending time in this beautiful place with great environment.

How to reach:

Nandikonda located in the Nalgonda district and it is at a distance of 150 km from the city of Hyderabad. As it is located away from the main highway, it has to be reached by smaller roads. Miryalguda, a small town closest to Nandikonda can be easily accessed by taxis or prepaid taxis.
Travelers can also take a train to get down at Miryalguda and from there take a bus to Nandikonda.

Buddhist Ruins Nandikonda Nalgonda

Where to stay:

Many decent travel accommodations are available at Nalgonda. Luxury hotels also offer first-rate amenities at a cost ranging between Rs 2500 – Rs 4500. The midrange hotels range from Rs 1000 – Rs 1500 per day. These hotels are easier to find and provide more contented lodging conveniences.
Miryalguda also has many quality accommodations to travelers within budget.

Nearest Railway Station:

Miryalguda is the nearest railway station to Nandikonda.

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