Corona Virus and Health Related Mantras Lyrics

COVID-19 Virus and Other Health-Related Mantras:

Corona Virus and other Health related remedies:
Today, we are faced with an unusual variant of the novel Coronavirus – Covid-19, causing a lot of panic and disruption of normal life, economy etc. We have been inundated with a lot of queries from readers asking what they can do during these times to tide over the crisis. It is very important to follow the advice issued by the Government, maintaining social distancing/personal hygiene etc and seeking medical help/intervention as required.

In addition, the Purāṇic literature in India, speaks volumes of such incidents caused by Rākṣasās, assuming various dimensions in size and in various anthropomorphic forms etc. In the Devi Bhāgvata purāṇa describing the Devi Mahatmyam, we encounter the story of the Divine Mother Kāli, a manifestation of Goddess Durga, emerging to annihilate the Rākṣasā Raktabīja, whose blood drops would multiply into more manifestations of the same Raktabīja, falling upon the Earth. The Divine Mother Kāli, with Her enormous lolling tongue, laps up all the blood drops and completely annihilates Raktabīja.

We can correlate the minute form of Raktabīja to that of a virus or any other micro-organism capable of causing a lot of fatalities and disruption. To overcome these types of extreme health hazards, the assistance of ugra devatā-s might be necessary. For remedial measures during these infectious times, the following could be suggested –

  1. Devotees can recite the following Mantra: Mantra for Curing Ailments:
  2. Those who are initiated into Daksina Kali Mantra Japa, may recite the mantra to protect themselves and their dear ones. Any kavacam related to Dakṣiṇa Kāli may be recited as well. Dakṣiṇa Kali ṣoḍha nyasa is also very useful for the protection of our health, wealth and general well-being during these trying times.
  3. Sri Vidya Upasakas with Paicadasi or higher initiations may consider Khaḍgamala Stotram or namavali recitation as well. Those with Mahasodasi initiation may consider laghu or maha ṣodha nyasas as well. Lalita Sahasranamam is considered very effective as well!
  4. Devotees of Lord Narsiṃha can also recite the Sri Mantraraja Pada Stotram, to obtain immense protection from all types of diseases.
  5. Devotees and initiates of Sri Pratyangira, should also consider reciting the Atma Raksa Vipartja Pratyaṅgira Mantram and turn the tables on the virus. The Sarvārtha sadhaka kavacam is also very useful and beneficial for the sadhakas.
  6. Those suffering from skin infections and easily susceptible to diseases due to bad placement of the natal Sun in one’s horoscope should also consider reciting the Surya Mantram.
  7. Devotees and initiates of the Divine Mother Durga Devi will never be disappointed by seeking the refuge of the Caṇḍi Navakṣari mantra. Initiates of Sulini Durga will be protected by her mantra Japa as well as by her Kavacam. There is nothing that is not possible or achievable for her devotees and her Kavacam is extraordinary when it comes to health benefits! You can read Durga Devi-related mantras here: Durga Devi Articles.
  8. Indraksi Stotram and mantra are also very beneficial and suggested against deadly diseases.