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Divisions of Astrology | Indian Astrology Divisions

Divisions of Astrology:

The main divisions of Indian Astrology are:

  • Mundane or National Astrology
  • Annual Horoscope
  • Natal Astrology
  • Transit System
  • Horary Astrology
  • Electional Astrology

Explanation of Indian Astrology Divisions:

No.Names of DivisionsExplanation
1Mundane AstrologyIt deals with the celestial phenomena such as Equinoxes, solstices, new moon, eclipses, planetary conjunctions and comets. It includes a study of the influence of these phenomena upon countries, nations and people.
2Annual HoroscopeIt is also called Atmospheric Astrology, which deals with the conditions of the weather, season etc.
3Natal AstrologyDeals with individual horoscopes and foretells the character and destiny of a person.
4Transit SystemEffect of changes in planetary configurations (due to their perennial movement) from the position of Moon at the time of birth.
5Horary AstrologyIt deals with the science of foretelling the results of any undertaking or transaction based on the zodiacal placement of planets and the rising sign at the moment a question is put to the astrologer. Here the scope is limited to the immediate future.
6Electional AstrologyIt teaches us what should be the rising sign, the configuration of planets and other factors, at the time of commencement of a good function. This is done by studying the Thithis, Asterisms, Yogas, Karana and other parameters. Electional Astrology is used to fix the Muhurtha (auspicious time) for conducting weddings, entering a newly constructed house etc.

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