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Goda Malas From Srivalliputhur to be Adorned to Srivaru on Garuda Seva Day

On the day of Garuda Seva, different donations are coming to tirumala and the Goda mala which was received by the HH Pedda Jeeyar is being presented to the temple of Srivaru on this auspicious day.

The Goda Malas were brought from a place called Sri Valliputhur.

Tirumala 06/10/16:
To decorate the holy god different mala (garlands) were being received. These malas are very sacred and are holy too. These are called as the Goda Devi Malas and are received from a place called Srivalliputhur. These malas are made of sacred plant leaves Tulasi and seventh and also with sampangi flowers that emits fragrance. Along with this a parrot that is made of leaves will be sent to tirumala. These are all used to decorate the deity Lord Venkateswara Swamy on the night of the commencement of Garuda seva.
Andal and Shikamani Malas offered:
There are two malas known as the Andal mala and the shikamani mala. These malas are large and were carried in bigger baskets. These are made in Srivalliputhur which is about 650 kilometers from the holy hill tirumala. These two garlands are prepared by the two flower making families that are living in Srivalliputhur. These baskets are carried by the devotees on their heads. There will be approximately 50 people who will be travelling in vehicles to offer these malas to the lord.

According to the legend the malas were worn by the daughter of a priest in Srivalliputhur who is working in Sri Rangamannar temple and her name is Goda Devi. Once she wore them, then they were offered to the lord Sri Ranganatha. Once this was stopped and he was admonished to wear the mala that is offered to god, then the god rejected those malas before Goda Devi wore them.

According to the hold doctrine the malas were offered by the Pedda Jeeyar Swamy and Chinna Jeeyar Swamy of tirumala. These malas are all a part of the holy adage and the malas of Goda Devi were presented to the Lord on Garuda seva day which is a part of the annual brahmotsavas.goda-malas-ttd

Goda Malas From Srivalliputhur to be Adorned to Srivaru on Garuda Seva Day

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