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Jahangir Peer Dargah Mahabubnagar Telangaga Tourism

Jahangir Pir Dargah is the famous darga of Syed Gousuddhin and Syed Burhanuddin who had come down from Iraq during 15th century to spread peace. These people lived throughout their lives here working for the people and gradually died in this place. Their disciples constructed the graves of these holy persons. Now this Darga is internationally famous.
Jahangir Peer Dargah is at Anmul Narva village in Mahabubnagar District, Telangana.

It is said that when once Aurangzeb had visited the Darga and had offered his prayers here, he heard the voice ‘Salam’ from the Darga. There are many more such stories that are famous about the place. Devotees visit the Darga from as far as Pakistan,Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Japan and Indonesia.

The annual festival held in the month of January in the Darga is internationally acclaimed as well. The Darga is near Kothur Mandal head quarters on the National High No. 7 on the Hyderabad – Kurnool line falling under Inmulanarva Grampanchayat. The place is well connected to all the big cities in the state. State transport buses are frequent from Hyderabad and Shadnagar. One may also take the train to reach Kothur from Hyderabad. From Kothur, one may board the bus and travel the remaining 4 Kms.

Jahangir Peer Dargah Mahbubnagar

Telangana 509325

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