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Kanchipuram Sri Thirukkaar Vaanar Temple Timings, History

Sri Thirukkaar Vaanar Temple or Thiru Karvaanam is the 53rd kshetram of 108 divya desam and mangalasasanam was done by Thirumangai Azhwar. Moolavar is Sri Kalvar / Sri Thirukkaar Vaanar / Thirukkaar Vaanakkalvar and Goddess is Sri Komalavalli ( Thamaraiyal ) Nachiyar. Thirukaarvaanar Temple is located in Big Kanchipuram, Kanchipuram, Tamil Nadu State. Kanchi Sri Kamakshi Amman Temple is very close to this temple. Perumal gave darshan to Parvathi Devi.

This is one of the three sanctuaries inside of one temple positioning among the Divyadesas. There are three Divyadesas inside of this temple Tiru Ooragam, Tiru Neeragam and Tiru Karakam. The Vimanam (tower over the sanctum sanctorum) of Sri Thirukkaar vaanar Temple is called Pushpaka Vimanam. The Pushkarani (temple tank) of Sri Thirukkaar vaanar Temple is called Gowrithadagam (Tharathara theertham) Pushkarani. Sri Thirukkaar vaanar Temple is celebrated in Nalayira Divya Prabandham, the Vaishnava standard, and songs were sung by the holy person Thirumangai Azhwar.”

Gowrithadagam (Tharathara Theertham) is the temple Pushkarani.

Kanchipuram Sri Thirukkaar Vaanar Temple

Thirukkaar Vaanar Temple Timings:

Morning: 7.00 AM to 12:00 Noon
Evening: 4:00 PM to 8:00 PM

Thirukkaar Vaanar Temple History:

The Perumal in this sthalam is Thirukkaar vaanar. Kaar means clouds and Neer means rain (or) water. God explains to the world that the water in this world is the resemblance of him and the Kaar (the black clouds which give rain) to the world is also one of his reflection and clouds which are found in the sky is also the reflection.

Without water, the World cannot survive. So, he comes to the World as rain and makes all the things to survive.

So, Sriman Narayanan explains that he himself is the black cloud that give the rain for the humans and all things to survive. So, this perumal is called as “Thirukkaar Vaanakkalvar”.

Kanchipuram Thirukaarvaanar Temple Address:

Big Kanchipuram,
Tamil Nadu – 631501.

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