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Kateel Durgaparameshwari Temple Importance, Darshan Timings

Kateel Durgaparameshwari Temple holds great importance as a revered place of worship dedicated to Goddess Durga Parameswari. The temple is famous for its divine energy and spiritual significance, attracting devotees from far and wide. Other deities in the temple are Mahaganapathi, Shasthara, Kshethrapalaka, Nagasannidhi, Goddess Chamundi and Sri Brahma.

Kateel Durgaparameshwari Temple Importance :

  • The Linga of the main deity, Goddess Durga Parameshwari is an Udbhavalinga which means that it is self-manifested and not installed by anyone. The Linga is decorated in the form of Goddess Ambika, a form of Durga that symbolizes marital and family harmony.
  • The Goddess is bathed with tender coconut water as it is believed that it is her favorite drink. No one drinks Tender coconut water in the Kateel Durga Parameshwari Temple without offering it to the Goddess first. As per the legend, the Goddess appeared as the dancer Mohini in Arunasura’s garden.
  • The Sanctum of the Kateel Durgaparameshwari Temple is perpetually wet and the Kumkum offered to the devotees is always wet. It is believed that River Nandini blesses the devotees in this way. The Temple is primarily visited by devotees to settle family and property disputes as well as to relieve themselves from heart-related diseases and infections.
  • The Annadanam is performed in the Kateel Durga Parameshwari Temple twice daily. Thousands of pilgrims are fed daily in the huge kitchen that is well equipped with all the modern amenities. During the Mesha Sankranama, the Balimoorthi or the Utsava Moorthi is worshiped in the Annadanam hall in front of heaps of rice and coconut.
  • The Kateel Mela is a unique and popular feature attributed to the Temple. The tradition began in the mid-19th century and continues to date. The Kateel Durga Parameshwari Temple currently has five troupes of Yakshagaana artists who perform the art and drama of the Yakshagaana for the devotees.
  • The Kateel Durga Parameshwari Temple provides a large number of special services named “Prayschitha Seva” that can be performed at the Temple premises. These Sevas are Chandika Yagna, Tender coconut Abhishekam, Trikala Pooja, Griha Shanti (akin to the Navagraha Pooja), Durga Homam, Mrityunjaya Homam, Siver Chariot festival and the Golden Palanquin festival.
  • The Theerthasnana or bathing in the Theertha (holy water) in the Temple is considered extremely sacred. It is believed that one can redeem himself from his sins and fight misfortune in his life after taking a Snana or bath with the holy water.
  • The Golden Chariot housed at the Temple Complex is the biggest Gold Chariot in Karnataka. The value of the chariot can be estimated at Rupees four billion.

Kateel Shri Parameshwari Temple Timings:

Darshan Timings: 5:30 AM to 9:30 PM (10:30 PM on Friday)

The temple welcomes devotees throughout the day with specific darshan timings for different rituals. Here are the regular darshan timings:

Morning: At 3:00 AM the sanctum is cleaned and the doors are opened at 5:30 AM and Ushahkala pooja, Udvarthana pooja, Elaneeru Abhisheka, Panchamruth abhisheka, Navakabhisheka are performed. Devotees can witness the morning rituals and offer their prayers to the goddess.

Afternoon: At 12:00 Noon Mahapooja is performed. The temple remains open during the afternoon hours, allowing devotees to have darshan and partake in the midday rituals.

Evening: The evening darshan begins around 6:00 PM or 6:30 PM. This is the best time for devotees to visit and seek the blessings of Goddess Durga Parameswari.

Night: The temple concludes the day with the evening darshan, usually around 10:30 PM, following which the temple closes for the day.

After mid-day and night, Mahapoojas Prasadam meal is served. In the morning Rice Porridge (Ganji) is provided.

Please note that darshan timings may vary during special occasions, festivals, and auspicious days. It’s better to check the temple’s official website or contact the temple authorities to ensure you have the correct and most recent darshan timings before planning.

Experience the divine aura and spiritual tranquility at Kateel Durgaparameshwari Temple, seeking the blessings of Goddess Durga Parameswari, and finding solace in her divine presence.

Durga Parameshwari Temple Festivals:

1) Annual Festival for eight days from Mesha Sankranthi
2) Vasanthothsava
3) Chamundi Bhoga
4) Hatthanadhi Festival
5) Nagara Panchami
6) Simha Sankramana
7) Sowra Rigupakarma
8) Shri Krishna Janmashtami
9) Kadiru Habba – Navanna
10) Shri Ganesha Chathurthi
11) Sharannavratri
12) Narakachathurdashi
13) Deepavali
14) Tulasi Pooja
15) Deepothsava
Shree Durgaparameshwari Temple, Kateel

Temples near Kateel Durga Temple:

  1. Kudupu Sri Anantha Padmanabha Temple is just 22 km away from Kateel town. The presiding deities are Lord Anantha (Shiva) and Sri Padmanabha (Sri Vishnu).
  2. Sri Udupi Krishna Temple is just 25 km away from Kateel town and the presiding deity is Sri Krishna in a Bal Avatar
  3. Polali Sri Raja Rajeshwari Temple is just 23 km away from Kateel town. This ancient temple is an 8th century and the presiding deity is Sri Raja Rajeshwari. The idol of Sri Raja Rajeshwari is 10 feet.
  4. Nelliteertha Temple is just 20 km away from Kateel Town. The presiding deity is Lord Somanatheshwara, a form of Lord Shiva.

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