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Sajipanadu Shanmukha Subhramanya Temple

Dakshina Kannada district is known as the land of Parashurama creation, and it has a rich cultural and traditional background. The district is a hub of various religious activities such as Pagnism, Devatharadhane, Bhootharadhane, and Nagaradhane. The Sajeepa of Bantwal Taluk is an important place of mythological and religious significance.

One of the Shrine manifestations of this temple is “Shri Shanmukha Subramanya Temple” in Sajeepa. The temple is known as the powerhouse to fulfill the wishes of the devotees. If a devotee offers benison with great devotion in the Shrine, then visual impairment, Khuja Dosha, Naga Dosha, and white spot can be cured.

The temple conducts several worship services such as Nagara Panchami, Navaratri Puja, Annual Shashti Fair, weekly Bhajana service on Friday’s, Monthly Panchami Thambila service, and on every full moon day Shri Satyanarayana Pooja service. Additionally, four times a year, Shani Puja is arranged for the devotees.

Pooja Timings

Morning Puja: 7:00 AM

Noon Puja: 12:30 PM

Evening Puja: 7:15PM

Shri Shanmukha Subhramanya Temple

Story Behind Shanmukha Subramanya Temple

Over 800 years ago, the Nanda kings of Nandavara suffered from Harpies skin disease. They tried many medications, but none worked. Finally, the king of Nandas sent a messenger throughout the village to find a Pandit who could relieve them of the disease. A Brahmin from Kunjarugiri came forward to perform a medicine for the king of Nandavara. After performing the medicine, the Brahmin said a Serpent would come and suck the toxin from the disease. If the Serpent dies, then they should build three Subramanya Temples in the area under their rule and perform worship services. The medication was successful, and a Serpent came and sucked the toxin from the disease but died in the place called Naganavalachill. As per the Brahmin’s words, the rulers of Nandavara built three Shanmukha Subramanya Temples in different places in their hometown and conducted worship rituals.

Renovation of the Temple

In 2017, the Sri Kshetra governing body and a group of devotees consulted Brahmashree Neeleshwara Ucchilattaya Padmanabha Thanthri, and under his guidance, they convened to consult the Architect Shri Krishna Prasad Muniyangala. They requested the Architect to prepare a blueprint of the temple, and according to the architecture (Vasthu), it was decided to renovate the Shrine into a new stone sculptured Temple.

Fundraising Campaign for Renovation

For the purpose of financial resource mobilization, the temple started a special project with the mission of “Alaya to Devalaya” (Home to Devalaya) and a fundraising campaign. A group of 48 people was formed, and like a modest 10 to 12 households, each one collected rupees 10 from each house, and a minimum collection of rupees 300/- per month was collected. Within one and a half years, the estimated collection was 20 lakhs.

Sajipanadu Shanmukha Subhramanya Temple Seva

  1. Ranga Pooja(Except Flowers & Fruits)
  2. Hoovina Pooja(Except Flowers & Fruits)
  3. Karthika Pooja
  4. Alankara Pooja
  5. Pavamana Abhisheka
  6. Ksheerabhisheka(Morning Only, Except Milk)
  7. Panchamritha Abhisheka(Morning Only)
  8. Rudrabhisheka(Except Seeyala)
  9. Trimadhura Naivedya
  10. Halu Payasa Naivedya(Except Milk)
  11. Pancha Kajjaya
  12. Deeparadhane
  13. Ashtottara Pushpanjali
  14. Hoo Katti Noduvudu
  15. Nanda Deepa (For Month)
  16. Naga Thambila(Except Milk)
  17. Karpoora Arathi
  18. Anna Prashana
  19. Theertha Snana
  20. Vivaha Kanike(2 Parties)
  21. Shashwatha Pooja
  22. Sathyanarayana Pooja(Every Hunnime)
  23. Ashtottara Pushpanjali
  24. Bhasmarchana
  25. Payasa Naivedya
  26. Rakteshwari Thambila(Every Sankramana)
  27. Shani Pooja
  28. Ganapathi Havana(1 Kayi)
  29. Ashlesha Bali
  30. Appa Naivedya

Note: On Demand of Devotees, will arrange for Sarpa Samskara, Ashlesha Bali, Sandhi Shanthi Havanas.

Sajipanadu Shanmukha Subhramanya Temple Address

Sri Shanmukha Subrahmanya Devasthana,
Sajipa Nadu,
Bantwala Taluk,
Dakshin Kannad District,
Karnataka – 574321.
Phone : +91 9448249323

Sajipanadu Shanmukha Subhramanya Temple

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