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King Koti Complex, Hospital, Usman Mansion, Nazri Bagh Hyderabad

This palace is built by Kamal Khan and then sold to the Nizam. The nizam have expressed his interest towards the palace and so for that reason the palace is sold to the Nizam. This palace is again divided into three main parts of buildings and this is divided into a team of two. At the age of thirteen years in the year 1911 the nizam at this young age got his throne. The king is residing in Chowmahalla palace, the young king is didn’t want to shift to the Chowmahalla Palace and he wants to live somewhere else.

Then for his to reside personally Kamal Khan has built the prince a personnel living place. And all the gates of the passage and the entrance and the corridors and the windows of the palace and even the doors are all sculpted with “KK”, as a sign on them. The nizam with all interest bought this place which is now called as the Royal Residence. With all the pride the young nizam doesn’t want to take the alternative names of another nawab abbreviations, he simply gave one ferman saying that the abbreviation is about the KK and it is abbreviated as King Kothi, in short KK and this has a meaning called Kings Mansion.

From that time the area is called as King kothi and the same has come to existence even after the nizams. The palace holds great designs of different types of ornaments and other things that are very expensive and they are all kept in trunks made out of steel and are all mounted with the padlocks that are made by the English. The nizams used to have a library and this same is kept safely. This is an immense library.King Koti Complex Palace

King Koti Complex Address:

King Koti Road,
Old MLA Quarters,
King Koti,
Telangana – 500001.

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