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Darul Shifa Jama Masjid Hyderabad, Telangana Torism

The great city has many possessions and one of them is the hospital that has a world class facilities and that is named as Dar-Ul-Shifa. This hospital started its facility for the treatment of the in patients about four centuries back. There are many hospitals in the world among which the three hospitals are far better. In those three this is considered as the best in the class of teaching. And the other two are located in the world at Bukhra and the other in Baghdad. Qutub shahis are possessed with the Dar- Ul-Shifa and the nizams are credited with Osmania and also the Nizamia Tibbi hospital.

This Dar-Ul-Shifa hospital is built near the old corporation office of the municipality. Even the area is also named as the same as the hospital. This hospital is built in the year 1595 and after the city is founded, the hospital is constructed in the fourth year. It is built in a very special location and the importance can be seen. In those days the patients were all treated with the medicine from the Unani and the rulers of that time named as Qutub Shahi had a careful planning and a clear vision and the even took care for the treatment facilities. They tried their best to provide the best amenities for all the cities citizens.

Even the planning and the coverage area of the hospital are notable features. This hospital is covering an area of about 6000 square yards and the structure is simply in the form of an arch and is symmetrical too. This has a wide courtyard that is the shape of a quadrangle. The view of the hospital is spectacular too see.

Darulshifa is surrounded by river Musa, noorkhan bazar, dabeerpura, purani haveli and chatta bazaar.Darul Shifa Jama Masjid Hyderabad

Salar Jung Road,
Telangana – 500024.

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