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Clock Tower Mahboob Chowk Hyderabad, Telangana Tourism

The Mahboob chowk is a name of a clock tower. Which has a historical mark and it was situated near the Lad Bazar to the west side of the charminar. It was constructed in 1892 by Asman Jah. He was the prime minister of Hyderabad. The tower was constructed in Indo-European synthesis style. It is a four frontage, free standing and constructed in four segments.

In the high point there was a crowded commercial community shopping centre of the city with number of selling shops of house hold goods for daily use to arms and supply of shells. In the recent days it became a home to traders for poultry, exotic birds, antiques and metal ware. The Mahboob Chowk was situated at a short distance from the Lad Bazar to the west of charminar in Hyderabad.

There was an elevated tower which was constructed in the style of Indo-European synthesis style, which was built in 1892 by Asman Jah, The prime minister of Hyderabad. Which was dominated by a large mosque and there was a clock tower in the centre of a small elevated garden.

In 1904 by the ruler VI Nizam Mir Mahboob Ali Khan has reconstructed the mosque which was on the west side of the tower. The original one was constructed by Khaja Abdullah Khan in 1817. On the east side of the tower there is a Moti Mahal constructed in 1880. The construction shows the style of architecture of European style with the primarily French definitions.

The Mahboob chowk was one of the tourism places in the historical architecture heritage. It was very important and well known tourism spot of Hyderabad. The Grade-II was listed as endowment structure in close presence.
The Mahboob Chowk has a special style of architecture, some of the constructions like free standing clock tower. In the four frontages, free standing structure which is composed with four stages diminishing in prominent and plan dimensions from the ground up.Clock Tower Mahboob Chowk Hyderabad

The two lower segments were provided with a wrap cantilevered around the balconies which was constructed in the style of Qutub Shahi style brackets with low complicated wrought metal railing. Above the door openings there were clerestory windows. The base was constructed with granite material with small central portion in stucco with plasters surrounding the openings and supporting grooves springing for stylized trefoil arch which speaks about the architectural glory of yore.

The next stage is totally in plaster; once more with bull nosed windows and stucco describing round the openings. The third stage has the clocks put in over the door openings. To stop interruption of the attention of eyes from reading the time the facade at this level is without embellishment. The corners were designed with slender detached Corinthian columns and therefore the ornament could be a cupola of smooth stucco plaster resting on an octagonal base. For the special synthesis in the style of architecture and for its grand and majestic proportion,

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