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Kodikkunnu Bhagavathy Temple Timings, History

The Kodikkunnu Bhagavathy Temple or Kodikkunnu Ambalam is a famous Hindu temple dedicated to Goddess Durga located in the village of Pallippuram, near Pattambi, Palakkad, Kerala. The goddess is commonly referred to as the Bhagavathy or Kodikkunnathamma. The word kunnu means hill in Malayalam language. Literally, Kodikkunnu Temple would thus mean the temple situated on top of the hill called Kodi. Kodikkunnu is near to Pallippuram railway station and can be accessed from Valanchery, Pattambi and Thrithala, by road.

The main deity is “Amma” means Mother and there is Siva also with almost same importance. To the left of Bhagavathy is the idol of Ganapathi. People come from distant places to worship the goddess. The temple has “nada” (holy entrance) from 3 directions, viz., north, east and west. The door towards the south is permanently closed. Vehicles cannot reach the immediate temple premises as there is no road reaching the temple. From all three directions there are granite stone-paved steps to reach the temple.

Kodikkunnu Bhagavathy Temple Timings:

Morning:5:00 AM to 10:30 AM
Evening:5:30 PM to 7:30 PM

Kodikkunnu Bhagavathy Temple History:

There is a grandmother too, the mother of Kodikkunnu Goddess. She is the chief deity of Muthassiar Kavu (literally, grandmother’s temple) near Pattambi. According to one legend the Grandmother Goddess and her three beautiful daughters (including Kodikkunnathamma) were strolling along the river bed on a summer night. They saw a dance festival by the Harijans (low-cast [Hindus) and the youngest daughter was so carried away by it, that she refused to go along when it was time to leave. The mother ordered her to be with the Harijans and perform as their guardian deity. This is the popular belief on the origin of Kanakkar Kavu (Kanakkar is a sect of Harijans).

Kodikkunnu Bhagavathy Temple

On another occasion the two sisters quarreled after witnessing the ritual of an animal sacrifice. As the younger one was so much engrossed in the gory scene, the elder one parted company and settled down in Kodikkunnu. The younger sister shifted to Kodungallur where blood sacrifices were a common ritual until the recent past. And the two elder sisters are still angry with their youngest sister that they have closed their temple doors that face towards Kodungallur. So in Kanakkarkavu and Kodikkunnu Temple there is no “thekke nada” (entrance from south).

Kodikkunnu Bhagavathy Temple Festivals:

Chirankara pooram (temple festival) is the main festival of Kodikkunnu Bhagavathy Temple.
The other important festival associated with the temple is the Kathiratta Vela (Festival of Harvest) that is celebrated after the every years harvest.

Kodikkunnu Bhagavathy Temple Dress Code:

For Men: Dhoti or Mundu without shirts or banyan.
For Women’s: Saree with blouse/ Punjabi Dress with Dupatta / Chudidhar with Dupatta/ Half saree.


Cameras, mobiles and all other electronic items are strictly prohibited inside the temple.

Kodikkunnu Bhagavathy Temple Poojas:

Kedavilakku (Ghee
Mangalya Puja
Mrutyunjaya Homam
Kedavilakku (oil)
Kedavilakku (Ghee)
Umamaheswara Puja
Kedavilakku (Ghee)
Kedavilakku (oil)

How to Reach Kodikkunnu Bhagavathy Temple:

Kozhikkode is the Nearest Airport.
Pattambi is the nearest Railway Station.
Pallippuram is the Nearest busstand.

Kodikkunnu Bhagavathy Temple Address:

Thiruvegapura Pallippuram Road,
Kerala – 679305.