List of Theerthams in Tirumala | Holy Waterfalls in Tirumala Forest

The Puranas say that there are about 66 crore theerthams (holy waterfalls) located in the widespread Seshachalam ranges. Of which some are listed below:

  1. Swami Pushkarini
  2. Akasa Ganga Theertham
  3. Papavinasanam Theertham
  4. Pandava Theertham
  5. Kumaradhara Theertham
  6. Tumbhuru Theertham
  7. Ramakrishna Theertham
  8. Vaikuntha Theertham
  9. Sesha Theertham
  10. Sitamma Theertham
  11. Pasupu Theertham
  12. Japali Theertham
  13. Sanaka Sanandana Theertham
  14. Sakthi Katari Theertham


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