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Nagoba Jatara Keslapur | Nagoba Temple Adilabad | Telangana Tourism

The innumerable shades of the lifestyle and culture of Indians form an essential part of Indian tourism and thereby filling this country with utter uniqueness. One such unique event is the Nagoba Jatara which occurs in the Keslapur village of Adilabad district. Keslapur is located at a distance of 32 km from Adilabad district center, and has gained special significance in the tourism itineraries due to the performance of this Nagoba Jatara.

Nagoba Jatara Keslapur

This Jatara is a five day event performed by the Mesaram clan of the Gond tribe as a part of the annual celebrations. The Gond tribes of Maharashtra, Chattisgarh, Orissa and Madhya Pradesh pour in huge numbers to participate in this huge event.

The members of this Mesaram clan worship the serpent God Nagoba which forms the main spirit of this Jatara. The Nagoba, which is also known as Shesh Nag, is the celestial serpent of Lord Shiva. The devotees perform rituals and ceremonies during this Jatara as a sign of offering respects and seeking blessings of the serpent God. Uttnoor is the place of this Nagoba temple and is located at a distance of 25 km from Keslapur village. Devotees visiting this Nagoba Temple do not wear footwear, but walk barefoot to maintain the purity and sanctity of the rituals. Also pilgrims maintain the holiness of the place by travelling only by bullock carts.

Newly wed brides of the clan and also women married earlier but who could not participate previously in the rituals are introduced by paying tribute to Nagoba, the serpent God. The women along with their mother-in-law carry a new eartherware pot and fetch water from Hastina madugu of river Godavari in Janaram mandal near Nagoba temple after touching the feet of the priests. This water is used to make anthill which is later worshipped as a sacred object. The women then gather at the ‘Govad’, which is an enclosure near the temple to prepare Naivedyam or offering to the Lord on 22 makeshift ovens relating to the 22 Mesaram clans. The Naivedyam offered to the Lord comprises of nine different types of food grains. The women enter the Nagoba shrine covering their faces with their own saris. They reveal their faces to Nagoba after entering inside, indicating that the Lord is the first person they regard when they enter the clan on the new moon day. This is considered to be very auspicious for the newly weds.

At night, Gonds perform Mahapuja of the serpent God, Nagoba (which is also called as Parsa Pen or Great God). This Mahapuja symbolizes the start of the Nagoba Tribal Jatara.

The Gusadi dance performance is the biggest attraction of this Nagoba Jatara. The dancers from this Gond tribe wear colorful traditional head gears which are decorated with peacock feathers. They tie a cotton band around their waists and smear ash on their body. The Gond dancers tap their feet and sway their bodies rhythmically in tune with the music. This music and the dancers’ perfect co-ordination to the music is a treat to the eyes.

This festival occurs in the Pushya Masam which is during December to January as per the English calendar. The members of the Gond tribe from various parts of the country gather at Keslapur during this auspicious month to offer their prayers and devotion to Nagoba.

This Nagoba Jatara which is a very unique sort should definitely be attended while on a trip to Adilabad.
Special Attractions: A major attraction of this event is the Gusadi dance performance by the Gond tribal dancers. Huge number of pilgrims using bullock carts gives the perfect feel of the Jatara.
Speciality of the place: The Nagoba Temple, which is the house of the serpent God Nagoba, also known as Shesh Nag makes this place unique.

Where to stay:
Basic accommodation facilities are available in the Uttnoor taluk. There are two guest houses, one of them being R & B Guest House in Uttnoor.

How to reach:
State buses run between Uttnoor and major cities like Hyderabad, Warangal, Karimnagar and Adilabad. Local transport can be availed from Uttnoor to reach Keslapur.

Nearest Railway Station:
The Sirpur Kagaznagar Railway Station which is near Kagaznagar located 23 km away from Keslapur is easily accessible from nearby towns. The Kazipet Railway Junction located at a distance of 174 km from Keslapur is a major railway junction nearby.

Distance to Nagoba Jatara Keslapur:
From Hyderabad 326 Kms
From Karimnagar approx. 183 Kms
From Warangal 235 Kms
From Adilabad 32 Kms

Some Useful Contact Numbers:
Adilabad Tourism Officer : 9440816087
State Tourism Department: 040-23450444, 1800-42-545454

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