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New Goloka North Carolina Priest Services

Throughout the year, the New Goloka Temple has trained priests who practice different types of samskars. These services can be done in the temple or at home. Priests have a deep understanding of Vedic literatures and Vaisnava philosophy, to help them understand each rite and ritual in the proper context.

Samskar is very important in the different stages of life because it brings peace and prosperity to humanity. All of the Vedic Scriptures recommend that we go through different purifying processes at different times in our lives and come into contact with Krishna. These types of puja are an important part of living a harmonious life.

All donations for such ceremonies go to the temple project, which is open to the public for art, culture, festivals, food and mantra meditation.

ISKCON Of North Carolina

Offered the following Vedic Ceremonies (FireYajnas):

GrihaPravesa (Entering new house).
Vivaha (Marriage ceremony).
SosyantiHoma (Pre birth during baby shower)
Jata Karma (Birth)
Nama Karana (Name Giving)
Mundana (Hair Cutting)
Annaprasan ( First Grain ceremony)
SraddhaKriya (Forefathers)
Homa to create auspiciousness.

The suggested donations for all ceremonies (except Vivaha) is $251.

The suggested donation for VivahaYajna is $501.

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Contact Number:
Lila Shakti : 919.448.5178
Aditya : 407.451.7735


New Goloka – ISKCON Of NC Contact:

1032 Dimmocks Mill Road,
NC 27278
Phone: 919-732-6492