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Nirmal Toys Paintings Adilabad District Telangana

Nirmal Town – Land of Toys and Paintings: Nirmal town is situated close to Hyderabad-Nagpur National Highway (NH 7) in Adilabad district. Nirmal is called as the land of toys and it is well known for paintings. It is a small town in the Adilabad district of Telangana. It is a pretty scenic town located amidst beautiful forests and hills. This small town has a leading place in India for its handicrafts and toys. Nirmal is famous for its colorful wooden toys. The tradition of making wooden toys dates back to 400 years. These toys are made from local softwood called the ‘ponki chekka’. The parts of the toys are joined together and covered with ‘chinta lappam’ which is a mixture of sawdust and boiled tamarind seeds. Indigenously prepared hues are used. Apart from this, they also manufacture articles used in daily life like furniture, toys, boxes, paintings, jewellery and more. Nirmal, which is a little town, has a proud place in the handicrafts map of India. Nirmal town is embedded amidst the Sahyadri mountain range and hence offers a pleasant ambience, surrounded by hills and forests. It hence has a great climate throughout the year. This Nirmal town was renamed after a village headman ‘Neema Naik’ who used to make weapons for war. He also encouraged craftsmanship of his workers in making wood art. It is believed that the Nizams of Hyderabad were very fond of Nirmal’s fantastic wooden engravings and craftsmanship.

Nirmal-Toys-PaintingsWhen to go: The best time to visit Nirmal town is from September to January.

Where to Stay: There are only two places of accommodation in Nirmal, Sri Krishna Residency and Hotel Tirumala.

Interesting Facts: Nirmal’s handicrafts making is 400 years old and still growing. Nirmal toys are also exported abroad.

Food Facilities: Hotels and restaurants of Nirmal Town provide all types of food items.
Buses / Trains Availability: There are many trains which stop at Basara like VSKP Shirdi Exp, Kacheguda Akola Exp, Devagiri Exp, etc. Tourists can take buses from Basara to Nirmal.

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