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TTD Online Srivari Seva FAQ

TTD Frequently Asked Questions: Here are answers to some of the most common queries of users of this site: How can I donate to the various endowment schemes introduced by TTD? If you would like to donate towards any of the TTD schemes in particular, or towards TTD’s social services activities in general, you can […]

Must Visit 3 Tamil Nadu Temples for Blessings on Parenthood

In many Indian families, after being married for over a year, there’s often a strong desire to have a baby. Sometimes, even our best efforts may not bring the desired results, and that’s when we turn to God for miracles or blessings, as we believe in a higher power guiding us through life. Planning for […]

Vadakkumpuram Vishnumaya Temple Puja Details

At Vadakkumpuram Vishnumaya Temple, you can find different Pooja services for various needs. There are Poojas like Badha Dosha Pariharam, Black Magic Removal, Sathru Samhara Pooja, and Vishnumaya blessings. You can also do the Vishnumaya Kuttichathan Saktheya Pooja to overcome difficulties or the Real Estate Pooja for property matters. The temple offers different types of […]

Vadakkumpuram Sree Vishnumaya Temple Timings, History

Nestled in the enchanting district of Thrissur, Kerala, lies the sacred Vadakkumpuram Sree Vishnumaya Temple, which reverberates with the divinity of its surroundings. Sri Vishnumaya Swamy is the main deity in this temple. This temple also pays homage to several other deities, including Sri Karinkutti, Sri Muthapan, Vadakkumpuram Bhagathy (GoddessBhadrakali), Koolivaaka Devi, Nagaraja, Nagayakshi, Karinaga, […]

Kateel Devi Temple Seva Price, Abhishekam

Kateel Devi Temple offers various special services called “Sevas” for devotees to show their love and seek blessings from Goddess Durga Parameswari. These Sevas include Abhishekam, where the deity is bathed with holy water and milk, Archana, where names of the goddess are chanted with flowers offered, and Naga Pratishta (Sarpa Samskara Pooja), a unique […]

Putra Prapti Mantras | Mantras to get Male child

Putra Prapti Mantras are sacred chants or verses recited with the intention of seeking the blessings of the divine for the birth of a child, specifically a son. “Putra” means son, and “Prapti” means attainment. These mantras are believed to invoke divine energies and seek their assistance in fulfilling the desire to conceive a male […]

SVBC Hindi Live Streaming Online

Watch SVBC Hindi Live Streaming online for devotional programs, spiritual discourses, and divine experiences. Stay connected with the divine presence of Sri Venkateswara through this Hindi channel, dedicated to promoting devotion and spreading the message of faith. Experience the bliss of religious ceremonies, bhajans, and insightful discussions from the comfort of your home. Tune in […]

2023 Guru Purnima Shirdi Temple

Guru Purnima is a famous festival celebrated at the Shirdi Sai Baba Temple in Maharashtra. In 2023, the date for Guru Purnima is July 2-3. The festivities at the temple begin on July 2 and conclude on July 3. The celebration starts on Ashad Shukla Chaturdasi and ends on Ashad Krishna Prathami or Padyami. During […]

Jagannath Temple Puja Timing and Daily Rituals:

Jagannatha is considered the supreme god and the ruler of the Odishan empire. The rituals and ceremonies associated with Jagannatha are designed with these two aspects in mind. The temple has a very detailed and complex system of rituals involving over one thousand spread over one hundred categories. The rituals can be categorized into 3 […]

Ten Forms of Maa Durga

In diverse holy Hindu scriptures, Goddess Durga is revered and worshipped in numerous manifestations. Certain sets of these forms exhibit partial overlap. Nevertheless, each of these distinct forms represents an autonomous deity deeply engaged in safeguarding the harmony of nature and the cosmic equilibrium, while combating malevolent forces that endeavor to disrupt this delicate balance. […]

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