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Home / Rahu Ketu Puja / Rahu Mahadasha Ketu Antardasha | Rahu Ketu period or Bhukti

Rahu Mahadasha Ketu Antardasha | Rahu Ketu period or Bhukti


Results of Rahu-Ketu dasha | Ketu vimshottari antardasha under Rahu Maha dasha
The shadow planets, Rahu and Ketu, are the two most unfavourable planets. Apparently, both bring unpleasant effects to the native in all kinds of placements. There would be very few horoscopes in which negative effects of these planets would get suppressed. Turning it completely positive is not possible.

The Rahu-Ketu dasha or Bhukti would make this period very much tough. Life is harsh for the native because he/she would confront obstacles in almost every feature. These natives would have a lot of obstacles in the career and financial path. All this would result in loss of position and respect. In addition, there would be clear downfall in prosperity and status of respect.

The native in Rahu-Ketu dasha or Bhukti would tend towards immoral and illegal pursuits. While he/she would repel spiritual aspects and would not believe much upon divine presence. The natives would be harmed by thieves, fire, poison, quarrels and weapon. Also, they might suffer from fever and ailments caused by gaseous substances. On the other hand, natives might be forced to leave by close family. This could be due to various reasons causing the native to wander unreasonably.

In the end, unhappiness and agony play a major role during Rahu-Ketu or Bhukti. The peace is absent in the surroundings.

Rahu Graha

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  1. Sir im biji,
    My son rahul facing many problems. He is in 12. His dob is 30.10.17,
    Time 8.32 pm
    Place manendragarh,chattisgarh

  2. sir I am rajesh, from bangalore, I am facing finance and business problems, DO. O. B 21_05_1977, 3.50 AM SATURDAY,

    • Dear Rahesh
      You Seshnaag kaala sarpa dosham.
      Effects – Mounting expenses, health issues, problems in married life, gets problems with believed persons, betrayal by your friends so do not lend money to any body.
      Parihara pooja – Rahu kethu pooja every year is must. Perform ganesha pooja first before this parihara pooja.
      Om Namah Shivaya

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