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Rajahmundry Sri Uma Markandeswara Temple Timings, History

Sri Uma Markandeyeswara Swamy Temple is a famous and ancient Shiva temple located in Godavari Bund Road, near Pushkarghat, Rajahmundry town, Andhra Pradesh. According to the records, the Shiva Lingam and Parvathi Ammavaru are installed by Muni Markandeya.

This temple was built in 10th Century A.D. by Eastern Chalukyas. Shri Raja Raja Narendra, Cholas and Reddy Rajas are the contributors to this temple. It was demolished during Muslim rule but fortunately was found again in 1818 AD in the relics of a dilapidated mosque near Chandaa Choultry. The temple was rebuilt in 1818 by Gundu Sobhanadriswara Rao. The reconstruction of the temple was done with the addition of a gate on Gunduvari Street. The gopuram of the temple has carvings of idols of gods. The floor of the inner temple is made of rock stone. Shiva’s linga is made of black marble and is 3 feet tall. The walls of the temple are carved with the legendary stories of Lord Shiva.

Morning pooja and Mangala arati start from 5:30 AM onwards and thereafter, Astothram, Archana and daily Seva’s are performed as per the temple schedule. Annual Kalyanam, Akanda Deeparadhana, Dhoopa Prakarasevas, Maha Sivarathri, Kalyanam, Sadaysam and Pushposthavams are the major festivals. There is no strict Dress code in this temple.

Sri Uma Markandeswara Swamy Temple Timings:

Morning: 5:00 AM to 12:00 Noon
Evening: 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM
Rajahmundry Sri Uma Markandeyeswara Swamy Temple

Rajahmundry Uma Markandeswara Temple History:

According to legends, Sage Mrukhanada was childless and prayed to Lord Shiva here for a child. Pleased with his devotion, Lord Shiva appeared before him and granted his wish of having a son. However, Lord Shiva asked the sage to choose between a boy with a lifespan of 11 years and a boy with little intelligence but a long life. Sage and his wife chose the boy with an 11-year life. Later, after 11 years, death came to take the child’s life; however, Lord Shiva granted the boy a long life.

Uma Markandeyeswara Temple Address:

Godavari Bund Road,
near Pushkarghat,
East Godavari District,
Andhra Pradesh – 533105.

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