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Rajahmundry Syamalamba Temple Timings, History

Sri Syamalamba Ammavari Devasthanam is another temple in Rajahmundry popular among devotees. An idol of Goddess Syamalamba, which was housed here is said to have been replaced with a deity of Goddess Somalamma Ammavaru. Goddess Somalamma Ammavaru is one of the nine divine forms of Goddess Parvathi Devi. The temple was established and the temple is constructed about 100 years back. At this present place, Sri Syamalamba Ammavari Murthi was installed in the place of Somalamma Ammavaru. The Kings of the Chalukya Dynasty are known to have worshipped the Goddess and made offerings to the deity. Especially King Narendra of the Chalukya dynasty is known to have protected this very temple.

Sri Somalammavaru still exists at the endpoint of the city. On the occasion of Jatara Sri Somalammavaru will be brought with honor to Syamalamba temple which is a parental institution. This temple was renovated on 1st November 1911 by Gopalapuram Jameendars.

There is a Sila – Sasanam(Statement engraved on stone) installed in the temple which supports the above fact. There is a custom and usage in the town to offer the Prathama Tambulam to Grama Devata by many people at the time of Festivals and other important occasions. Kings like Raja Raja Narendra and during the period of Reddy Raja’s the kings prayed and offered their Kanukas to Sri Somalammavaru to bless them during the Battles.

Rajahmundry Sri Syamalamba Ammavari Temple

The best time of the year to visit the temple would be during the Ugadi festival, or the Telugu New Year, which happens during the month of March. Other festivals of importance that are celebrated in the temple are the Navarathrulu and Kanuma Seva which are celebrated during the months of September and October, respectively. Ugadi, Dasara, Jatara and Kanuma Seva are the main Festivals.

Sri Syamalamba Ammavari Timings: 6:00 AM to 9:00 PM

Rajahmundry Syamalamba Temple Address:

Mangalavarapu Peta,
East Godavari District,
Andhra Pradesh – 533105.

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