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Rameswaram Arulmigu Ramanatha Swamy Temple, Pooja, Timings, Festivals

Arulmigu Ramanatha Swamy Temple or Rameswaram Shiva Temple is a famous and ancient hindu shrine in south India. Ramanatha Swamy Temple is in Rameswaram island in tamil nadu and the preceding deity is Lord Shiva. This Rameswaram temple is one of the 12 Jyotirlinga temples and 1 of the 274 Paadal Petra Sthalams. In 12th century the Pandya kings extended the temple. Ramanatha Swamy Temples Rajagopuram is the tallest Rajagopuram in india and 4000 feet long pillared corridor with over 4000 pillars, the longest in the world. It is believed that Sri Rama has installed and prayed the lingam to remove the sins during the ravana war. There are 36 theerthams which has different temperatures and taste inside the temple.

Rameswaram Temple Timings: 5:00 A.M to 1:00 P.M and 3:00 P.M to 9:00 P.M.

World Famous Third Corridor :
Outer Wing – East_West – 690 feet
North-South – 435 feet
Inner wing – East_West – 649 feet
North-South – 395 feet
Total number of pillars – 1212
Height of Corridor – 22 feet 7 ½ inch

Rameswaram Temple Pooja Timings :
1) Palliyarai Deepa Arathana – 5:00 A.M
2) Spadigalinga Deepa Arathana – 5:10 A.M
3) Thiruvananthal Deepa Arathana – 5:45 A.M
4) Vila Pooja – 7:00 A.M
5) Kalasanthi Pooja – 10:00 A.M
6) Uchikala Pooja – 12:00 NOON
7) Sayaratcha Pooja – 6:00 P.M
8) Arthajama Pooja – 8.30 P.M
9) Palliyarai Pooja – 8:45 P.M

Rameswaram Ramanatha SwamyRameswaram Temple Poojas :
1008 silver kalasa Abhishekam
108 silver Kalasa Abhishekam
1008 Kalasa Abhishekam(copper)
1008 Sangabhishekam
108 Kalasa Abhishekam(copper)
108 Sangabhishekam
Panchamirtha Abhishekam
Gangabhishekamwith Ganges & Vessel
Swami Sahasranama Archana
Ambal Sahasranama Archana
Spadikalinga Dharshanam
Swami Astothra Archana
Ambal Astothra Archana
Gangai Pooja Sankalpam
Silver Car Procession
Panchamurthy Procession (Rishaba Vahanam)
Ambal Gold Car Procession
Milk Abhishekam
Rose Water Abhishekam
Kodi Theertham Abhishekam
Viboothi Abhishekam
Vadamalai & other Neyvedhyam
Swamy Nagaparanam
Ambal Kavasam

Rameswaram Arulmigu Ramanatha Swamy TempleRameswaram Temple Pooja add Cost Details:
1) 108 Kalasa Abhishekam Rs.1000/-
2) 108 Sangabhishekam Rs.1000/-
3) Rudrabhishekam Rs.1500/-
4) Panchamirtha Abhishekam Rs.1000/-
5) Swamy Sahasranama Archana Rs.200/-
6) Ambal Sahasranama Archana Rs.200/-
7) Swamy Nagaparanam Rs.200/-
8) Ambal Kavasam Rs.200/-

Festivals Celebrated in Rameswaram Temple:

S.No Festival Beginning Ending Durations
1 Mahasivarathri (To be seen)
i. Rishaba Vaahana Dharshan
ii. Mahasivarathri Abishekam
iii. Silver Chariot
Mahasashti krishnapatcham Maasi (February, March) Mahakrishna Amavasai 10 days
2 Vasanthotsavam Vaikasa Sukkila Sashti Vaikasi (May – June) Vaisaka Paurnami 10 days
3 Ramalinga Prathishtai Jeshta Sukkila Suddha Sashti Aani (May – June) Ashata Paurnami 3 days
4 Thirukkalyanam (To be seen)
i. Rishaba Vaahanam
ii. Silver Chariot
iii. Thabasu Day
iv. Sayanasevai on Golden Pallakku
v. Thirukkalyana Day
Aashada Pagula Krishnashtami (July – August ) Siravana – suddham 17 days
5 Navarathri Festival Dasara (Vijayadasami Day) Bathrabatha Suddha Sukkila Pradhami Purattaasi (September – October) Dasami 10 days
6 Kantha Sashti Aasveeja Suddha Sukkila Aippasi (october – November) Aasveeja Suddha Sashti 6 days
7 Aarudhira Dharshna Maarkka Seerisha Sudda Sashti Sadhaya Natchatram Maargazhi (December – January) Maarkka Seerisha Sudda Paurnami 10 days

Rameswaram Ramanatha Swamy TempleTemple Address:
Arulmigu Ramanatha Swamy Temple,
Tamil Nadu- 623526.
Phone: 04573 221 223

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