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Sullurupet Sri Chengalamma Temple Jatara 2023

The Sri Chengalamma Parameshwari Temple is situated in the town of Sullurpeta, which is located in the Tirupati district of Andhra Pradesh state in India. The temple has a rich history dating back to the 10th century and is considered an important landmark in the region.

One of the most significant events celebrated at this temple is Chengalamma Temple Jatara / Brahmotsavam, which takes place every seven years. This grand festival attracts a large number of devotees from different parts of the country and is celebrated with great enthusiasm and devotion.

Sullurupet Sri Chengalamma Parameswari Temple Timings: Temple Doors are open for 24 hrs. The main temple door never closed.

On Fridays and Sundays, a huge number of devotees come and worship Chengalamma.

Sullurupet Sri Chengalamma Temple Jatara 2023 Schedule

  • May 26 – Tholi Chatimpu
  • June 02 – Rendava(second) Chatimpu
  • June 04 – Firing of Agandalam
  • June 08 – Baliharana
  • June 09 – Sudimanu Pratistha, Sullu Utsavam, Aswa Vahana Seva
  • June 10 – Sullu Utsavam, Mahisasuramardana Gramotsavam
  • June 11 – Sullu Utsavam, Nandi Vahana Seva
  • June 12 – Teppotsavam
  • June 13 – Sayana Seva
  • June 14 – Pushpa Pallaki Seva
  • June 15 – Downing of Sudimanu.

Important places near the Temple:
Sriharikota/ SHAR Center 30 km
Pulicat Bird Sanctuary 20 km
Nelapattu Bird Sanctuary 15 km
Venadu 140 Feet long Sepulcher 26 km
Varadaiahpalem 25 or 16 km (Two routes are there)
Srikalahasti Temple 43 km
Sri Venkateswara Swamy Temple 107 km
Suruttapalli Temple 60 km
Vedanarayana Swamy Temple, Nagalapuram 71 km
Sullurupet Sri Chengalamma Parameswari Temple

Sullurupet Chengalamma Temple Address:
Sri Chengalamma Parameswari Devasthanam,
Tirupati District,
Andhra Pradesh – 524121.

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