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Arasavalli Sri Suryanarayana Swamy Temple, Srikakulam, Pooja, Timings, Sevas

Sri Suryanarayana Swamy Temple is a very famous ancient temple for Sun God Temple situated in Arasavalli Village. Arasavalli village is just 1km form Srikakulam, Andhra Pradesh. This is one of the 2 sun God temples in India.

1) As per Padmapuranam, Sage Kashyapa Maharshi has installed the Surya Idol in this Suryanarayana Temple in Arasavalli.
2) As per Sthalapuranam of the temple, The king of deities Devendra has found this temple and installed the Suryanarayana Swamy.

Sri Suryanarayana Swamy Temple Darsanam Timings: 6.00 AM to 12.30 PM and 3.30 PM to 8.00 PM.

Suryanarayana Swamy Slokam : ” Harshavilli purivasam , Chayosha Padminiyutham Suryanarayanam Devam Nowmi Sarvartha Dayakam ”

Pooja Details:
Suprabhatam – 5.00 AM
Nitya Archana – 5.30 AM
Maha Nivedana 12.30 AM
Nija Rupa Darshan 5.00 am to 2.00 pm.(Only on Ratha Saptami/Magha Saptami/Sun god Birthday)

Sevas and Cost Details:
Ashtottara Seva – Rs.20.00/-
Sahasra Namarchana – Rs.30.00/-
Ksheeranna Bhogam – Rs.50.00/-
Ksheerabhisheka Seva – R. 216.00/-
Tiruveedhi Seva – Rs.500.00/-
Kalyana Seva – Rs.500.00/-
Surya Namaskarms – Rs.50.00/-
Annadanam – Rs.150.00/-

Arasavalli Sri Suryanarayana SwamyArasavalli Suryanarayana Temple Seva Name and Timing:
Surya Namaskarams : This Seva is performed Every Sunday at 06.00 AM to 12.00 Noon.
Tiruveedhi Seva : This Seva is performed Every Sunday Evening at 06.00 PM.
Ksheeranna Bhogam : This Seva is performed Every Sunday afternoon at 03.00 PM.

Seva for Life Time with Price Details:
Ashtottara Seva – Rs.300.00/-
Sahasra Namarchana – Rs.400.00/-
Ksheeranna Bhogam – Rs.600.00/-
Ksheerabhisheka Seva – Rs.2500.00/-
Tiruveedhi Seva – Rs.5000.00/-
Kalyana Seva – Rs.5000.00/-
Surya Namaskarms – Rs.600.00/-
Saswatha Annadanam – Rs.1500.00/-

Note:To Perform these sevas one has to send their Gotranamams with Payment.

Surya Bhagavan Seven Horses Names:

1) Gayathri
2) Bruhathi
3) Ushnik
4) Jagathi
5) Dhrushtup
6) Anushtup
7) Bhakthi

Arasavalli Suryanarayana Temple Nitya Annadanam Details:
For 1 Day Nitya Annadanam, 10 Members Rs.1500.00
For 1 Day Nitya Annadanam, 50 Members 7500.00
For 1 Day Nitya  Annadanam, 100 Members 15000.00

Nitya Annadanam is provided to pilgrims every day inside Nitya Annadana Mandapam in Sri Suryanarayana Swamy temple in Arasavalli of Srikakulam. The donations are deposited in bank and the interest is used from the Nitya Annadanam to the devotees.

Accommodation at Arasavalli Temple:
In TTD Choultry 8 Rooms are available Rs.150 is collected per day.
In Indrapushkarini 6 Rooms are available Rs.150 is collected per day.
In Indrapushkarini 4 guest rooms available on the first floor Rs.200 is collected per day.

Important Festivals Celebrated in Arasavalli Suryanarayana Temple:
Ratha Saptami
Maha Sivaratri
Maha Vaisakhi
Rakhi Pournami
Naraka Chaturdasi & Diwali
Vaikuntha Ekadashi
Makara Sankranthi
Arasavalli Sri Suryanarayana Swamy Temple

Festivals in Details:

Ratha Saptami or Magha Saptami:
Ratha Saptami is the important festival celebrated for Lord Sri Suryanarayana Swamy also knows as Sun God. This festival is celebrated in February or March, Ratha Saptami is believed as the birth day of Surya god which is also known as Surya Jayanti. Legends says that having darshan of Sri Suryanarayana Swamy and having Teertha Prasadams on this auspicious day are blessed with good health and wealth to the devotees. On this day the sun rays and vibrations will increase in the temple premises for the devotees.

The Sun god has a ratham(chariot) with seven horses which represents the seven colors(VIBGYOR). For every Ratha Saptami or Magha Saptami day all the devotees are allowed to have Nija Rupa Darshan from 5.00 am to 2.00 pm. It is believed that Sri Rama Chandra has worshipped Sun god before killing Ceylon king Ravanasura.

Sri Suryanarayana Swamy Kalyanotsavams:
Kalyanotsavam is celebrated annually to Sun God Sri Suryanarayana Swamy in March-April for 5 days.

1) Chitra Suddha Ekadasi – Sri Swamivari Kalyanothsavam
2) Kartheeka Suddha Dwadasi – Kashirabdhi Dwadasi (Teppa Thirunallu)
3) Magha Suddha Saptami – Radhasaptami – Sri Surya Jayanthi
4) Falguna Suddha Thrayodasi – Dolothsavam (Poornima)

Maha Sivaratri Festival:
Maha Sivaratri is celebrated in February and March with Rudra Abhishekam, Ekavara Abhishekam are performed at night to keep the pilgrims awaken.

Dolostavams (Holi):
Dolostavams is also known as Holika Pournima or Holi is celebrated in the month of March i.e Phalguna Suddha Tryodasi, Chaturdasi & Pournima. On Tryodasi the first day Kamadahanam festival is celebrated at 6.00 pm.
Dry grass(straw) is burnt as a sign of victory on the evil power 7.00 pm at the temple garden which is followed by procession of the Lord. Dolotsavam on the third day where the lord will be cradled(Dola) in the Temple garden.

Maha Vaisakhi:
Maha Vaisakhi is celebrated in the month of Vaisakhi. Devotees give their offering to the Sun God for good health and wealth. This is one of the holiest months for Sun God Lovers.

Rakhi Pournami:
Rakhi Pournami falls on Sravana Suddha Pournami. Special poojas and Archanas are performed on this day.

Janmashtami is the birthday of Sri Krishna Bhagavan and is celebrated for 9 days starting from Sravana Bahula Ashtami.
Janmashtami Celebrations:
First Day – Vratam
Second Day – Utti Festival at 7.00 pm in the Temple Garden.
From third Day to Ninth Day – All functions will be celebrated from 6.00 pm and prasadams distributed to the devotees.

Dusserah Navratri:
Asweeyuja suddha Padyami to Dasami, Chakrarchana, Avararachana, Homam will be performed.

Naraka Chaturdasi and Diwali:
On Asweeyuja Bahula Chaturdasi and Amavasya the Lord is taken on a procession th the temple gardena. An huge idol of Narakasura is burnt on this day. On Diwali the temple is decorated with serial lights.

Every year in the month of Kartika Suddha Dwadasi the lord is taken for a ride on Hamsa Nava(Hamsa boat) on the Indra Pushkarini the Temple tank. The lord will round the temple tank for twelve times known as Parikramas. Special archana and pooja are performed and the devotees float deepams on the Pushkarini.

Vaikuntha Ekadashi:
The Special North door Vaikunta Dwaram or the way to Heaven door inside all Venkateswara Swamy temples is opened on this special day. Devotees believe that who ever enters this door will go to heaven. Special Vratam, annadanam and poojas will be performed on this auspiciously day.

Makara Sankranthi:
On Makara Sankranthi day the Sun is said to be changing direction from Dakshinayana to Uttarayana. Special Vratam, annadanam and poojas will be performed on this auspiciously day.

Interesting places near the Temples:
Sri Mukhalingeswara Temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva 48 km
Sri Kurmanadha Temple is a Maha Vishnu Temple 13 km
Kalingapatnam Beach is 26 kms
Telineelapuram, Tekkali bird sanctuari 58 Kms
Telukunchi, Ichchapuram is 115 Kms
Sri Endala Mallikarjuna Swamy Temple Ravivalasa 58 km
Salihundam 18 Kms maha vihara salipethaka

Arasavalli Temple Address:
Sri Suryanarayana Swamy Temple,
Srikakulam District,
Andhra Pradesh – 532401

E.O. Number: 9491000709

Arasavalli Sri Suryanarayana Swamy Temple, Srikakulam, Pooja, Timings, Sevas

4 thoughts on “Arasavalli Sri Suryanarayana Swamy Temple, Srikakulam, Pooja, Timings, Sevas

  1. We are planning to visit this temple on 22nd January 2018. Will the temple be very crowded on 22nd January 2018; due to oncoming festival of Radha saothami which falls on 24th January 2018

    1. Dear Padmini
      22nd is a Monday and hence normal crowd will be there. You reach the temple two or three hours prior to rahu kaalam time and you can buy the ticket.
      Om Namah Shivay

  2. We are planning to visit this temple on 22nd January 2018. Will the temple be very crowded on 22nd January 2018; due to oncoming festival of Radha saothami which falls on 24th January 2018

    1. Dear Balakrishnan
      We cannot say that but generally on festival days or holidays crowd increases. You can reach the temple two three hours prior to raahu kaalam time to buy the ticket to get into the pooja during raahu kaalam time.
      Om Namah Shivaya

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