Shani Shingnapur Temple Important Infromation

Shani Shingnapur Temple FAQ:

  • On entering here, for orientation, the reception room is available.
  • The “devasthan” is open 24 hours a day.
    If your financial situation is healthy, you can purchase puja materials worth Rs 10-20, or just fold your hands and bow in prayer. The bathroom for bathing before going to the foundations of the sanctuary is available. And “pancha” (the cloth used for worship) is available from Shop vendors near the temple.
  • Here there is no compulsion to perform a pooja or Archana.
  • Before coming, inquiries about the stay arrangements of the devotees can be made at the office. The cost of the 3-bed room for 24 hours is Rs.100. In the general room, if you have your own bed, it’s free. Otherwise, a sum of Rs. 10 for the mattress and Rs.5 for the blanket is charged.
  • A good parking facility is available near the temple.
  • There is a very good provision for “darshan” and prasada.
  • Prasada is distributed at Prasadalaya from 10:30 am to 3:00 pm and from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm. A nominal fee of Rs 10 has to be paid for one person.
  • Thefts don’t happen here. So there is no need to worry about it.
  • You can pay a minimum of Rs.11 for Abhishek.
  • God Shani’s “Mahaarti” Mass takes place early in the morning at 4.30 am and after sunset at 6.30 am afternoon.
  • Other than the Devasthan office don’t give money to anyone else.
  • For donations, there is a hundi and a box at the temple premises.
  • Temple maintained rooms are available to take bath and to dress for men.
  • Women can obtain “darshan” from the foundation itself.
  • Free medical care is available at Shani Devata Hospital.
  • When leaving the bathroom, it is advisable to remember to take care of your valuables such as the watch and the gold chain.
  • If any devotee wants to donate something to the ‘devasthan’ by mail, then he or she can send it on behalf of the ‘devasthan’ only by money order, cross-check, DD, or postal order. Money will not be accepted. Donations made under charitable/development are eligible for income tax deduction u/s 80-G of income Tax Act 1961.
  • Published books, photos, tapes and “prasad” of God Shani are available at reception at a nominal charge at Shani devasthan.
  • Regarding God Shani, if anyone has any questions, they can ask them at the temple office.
  • The idol that Shri Saneshchar appeared in Shanishingnapur is the only one. And there is a mutt in Pandarpur.
  • Coconut should be broken only at the main gate
  • Men should wear wet pancha to have Shani deva darshan. There are 2 separate queue lines for normal cloth and wet cloth darshan.
  • The poojas and sevas like “Poojan-archan”, “Abhishek”, “Satyanarayan”, “Annadaan” and “Bhandara”, etc. are available here.
  • If an artist would like to exhibit or offer his art to God Shani on the grounds of Shaneshchar temple, please do “Annadaan” or “Bhandara”, etc., then it is necessary to get permission from the office of the “devasthan”.

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Shani Shingnapur Temple Important Infromation

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