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Shani Shingnapur Abhishek Procedure

In the age of the Internet and computers, the appearance of God himself is rare. There is less truth and more false fronts at this time. So who will meet someone? But for the devotees of Shingnapur, their faith in divine experience, miracles, wish fulfillment, has increased. The number of devotees increases. Sometimes the number of devotees reaches 1 lakh. People from all over the world and from India come here for “darshan”.

Currently, online booking is not available. The temple management is in the process of implementing this service.

How to Perform Abhishek at Shingnapur:

A special arrangement is made for the Abhishek. Devotees used to pour Gingelly oil into a container which then pours the oil over the idol. No advance reservation available is available so it is an arrival ticket purchase over the counter.

They pray 1/10 ‘japas’ to perform ‘hawan yag.
Jap is done here by the name, gotra, and Sankalp.
There are two types of Jap. 1st is 23,000 mantras and the 2nd one is 92,000 mantras.

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