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Shiv Durga Temple Sunnyvale, California, United States Timings

Shiv Durga Temple Daily Events And Timings
Daily Timings: 10:00 AM to 8:30 PM
Daily Aarti Noon: Monday to Saturday
12.00 Noon, Sunday – 1.30 PM
Evening: Monday to Sunday 7:30 PM

Shiv Durga Temple Sunnyvale

Every Saturday Sunday 8:00 AM Yoga Classes by Ravindra-ji (Until 9:30AM)
Every Sunday 11:30 AM Bhajan Keertan By Acharya-Ji & Mahima Shukla Group 1:30 PM Maha Mangal Aarti followed by Preeti Bhoj
Every Monday 7:00 PM Rudrabhishekam
Every Tuesday 7:00 PM Hanuman Abhishekam with Hanuman Chalisha Path
Every Thurday 7:00 PM Gajanan Maharaj Aarti
Every Sankashti Chaturthi 7:00 PM Ganpati Abhishekam
Every 3rd Saturday 6:30 PM Sundar Kand Path
Every 4th Thursday 7:00 PM Sai Bhajan
Every Last Friday 7:00 PM Mata Ki Chauki By Abhishek Sharma and Group

Daily Regular Puja:
Monday – 6:30 PM Rudrabhishekam
Tuesday – 6:30 PM Hanuman Ji Abhishekam and Chalisha Path
Wednesday – 6:30 PM Shri Krishnabhishekam and Bal Gopal Puja
Thursday – 6:30 PM Shri Sai Puja and Arti
Friday – 6:30 PM Sri Durga Puja / Lakshmi and Saraswati Puja
Saturday – 6:30 PM – Vishnu Shahastra Nam Parayan and Archana ( Based on devotees presence )
Sunday 11:30 AM Satsang , Bhajan , Keeratn by Acharya Ji and Mahima Shukla Harshini Ji , Satya Ji and devotees 1:30 PM Maha Mangal Aarti and Preeti Bhoj
Harshini 571 -340 – 0770 ||
Mahima Shukla 408 – 444 – 0788 ||
Satya Ji 408 -598 – 6096

Shiv Durga Temple Specialties:
Shiv Durga Temple is a religious and spiritual service for the community since we have Rudrabhishekam every Monday at 19h, Hanuman Ji Puja and Abhishekam every Tuesday, Sundar Kand, Mother Ki Chauki, Katya Satya Narayan, Shani Puja, Navgrah Puja, Ganesh and Lakshmi Abhishekam, every Sunday Bhajan Keertan, Satsang and providing all kinds of ritual @ Griha Pravesh, Vastu Shanti Dosh Puja, Satya Narayan Vrat Katha, All kinds of Mundan ritual, Anna Prashan, Yagyopaveetam, wedding ceremony, etc. The temple has a beautiful Moorti of Goddess Durga, Sri Ram Darbar, Radha Krishna, Ganesh Ji, Hanuman Ji, Shiv Parvati Pariwar, Sai Baba, Gajanan Maharaj and Navgraha for the regular Puja and Archana.

Shiv Durga Temple History:
Shiv Durga Temple was constructed in 2012. Acharya Ji Pandit Krishna Kumar Pandey was blessed Vaishno Mata to serve the Indian Army for 18 years and during his service he was sent to Vaishno Devi Mata for about 6 years and before joining the Army, he got all his knowledge by his guru Sri Ram Chandra Tripathi in Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh and under the guidance of Shri Ashok Ji Singhal. During his service at the Vaishno Devi Temple in Jammu and Kashmir, Matarani blessed him to visit the United States and Matarani began creating the situation to establish the Vaishno Devi Temple in the United States. and with the help of his followers and devotees, the temple began in December 2012. We dream of having a very beautiful temple of Mata Rani with IDOL 9 feet from Durga Mata and 5 feet from Shiv Lingam.

Events can be sponsored by calling at (408) 480-5477 or e-mail at shivdurgatemple@yahoo.com
Preeti Bhoj on Sundays
Satyanarayan Katha (Purnima)
Mata Ki Chauki (Last Friday of Month)
Rudrabhisekam on Mondays
Hanuman ji Abhishekam on Tuesdays

Every Saturday and Sunday: Yoga Class by Ravindra Ji Time: 8:00 AM – 9:30 AM
Yoga Bharati: Every Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays & Saturdays
Yoga Classes by Yoga Bharati 6:30 AM – 7:30 AM

For Hindi Classes on Every Saturday at 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM
Contact Minakshi Mathur: (408) 425-6976 & Rina Mathur : (408) 835 2093

Every Sunday:
11:30 AM Bhajan Keertan By Acharya-Ji & Mahima Shukla Group
1:30 PM Maha Mangal Aarti followed by Preeti Bhoj

Every Monday:
7:00 PM Rudrabhishekam

Every Tuesday:
7:00 PM Hanuman Abhishekam with Hanuman Chalisha Path

Every Thurday:
7:00 PM Gajanan Maharaj Aarti

Every Sankashti Chaturthi:
7:00 PM Ganpati Abhishekam

Every 3rd Saturday:
6:30 PM Sundar Kand Path

Every 4th Thursday:
7:00 PM Sai Bhajan

Every Last Friday:
7:00 PM Mata Ki Chauki By Abhishek Sharma and Group

All kind of Puja’s Performed in The temple:
General Pooja: Shri Satya Narayan Katha, Rudra Homam, Chandi Homam, Gayatri Homam.

For New Business:
Laxmi Yagya (for wealth and prosperity)
Kuber Yagya

Chandi Patham
Vastu Pooja/Bhoomi Pooja
Grih Pravesh
Mool Shanti
Grah Shanti
Sunder Kand Path
Kaal Sarpa Yog Shanti
Mangalik dosh shanti
Kumbha Vivah
Vahan (Car) Puja
Shasthi Poorti (60th birthday) Pooja

Punsavana: Fetus protection
Simanta: Satisfying wishes of the pregnant Mother
Jaat-Karmaa: Child Birth
Naamkarma: Naming Child
Annaprashana: Giving the child solid food
Mundan or Choula: Hair cutting
Karnavedh: Ear piercing
Yagyopaveet: Sacred thread
Vidhyaarambha: Study of Vedas and Scriptures
Vivaah: Marriage
Antyeshti: Shradha Karma

All kind of puja is provided by the temple under guidance of Acharya Ji. You may contact the temple for more details.

Aayush Homam (Birthday)
Sudarshan Homam
Maha Mrityunjay Homam
Navgrah Homam
Ganpati Homam
Maha Lakshmi Homam
Santan Gopal Homam
Grih Shanti Homam

The temple welcomes all the Devotees to sponsor following items and More.
Daily flowers used during the daily Puja and Aartis.
Shrungar for all deity in temple. (examples: cloths, jewelers)
Abhishek material
Sponsoring for Mahaprashad (Preetibhoj) on Sundays $401.00.
Sponsoring for Mahaprashad & Puja on Poornima ( Satya Narayan Puja day) $451.00.
Sponsoring for Mata Ki Chowki Mahaprashad & Puja (Last Friday of the Month) $751.00.
Sponsoring for Supply – Plates, glasses, spoons, bowls, paper towel napkins, tissue papers and water

Monthly /Weekly Festivals:
Every Sankat Har Chaturthi
6.30 PM – Ganpati Abhishekam and Archana
7:30 PM – Maha Mangal Arti

Every Full Moon Day (Poornima)
6:30 PM – Satya Narayan Katha
8:00 PM – Maha Mangal Arti

Last Saturday of the month
6.30 PM – Sundar Kand Parayan
8:00 PM – Maha Mangal Arti

Every Last Thursday of the month
Sai Bhajan by Shiv Durga Temple Sai Group at 6.30 PM
Maha Mangal Aarti 7.30 PM

Every Last Friday of the Month
MATA KI CHAUKI By Famous Bhajan singer Abhishek Sharma and his Group with Pramod Agrawal, Milind Da , Alok Da.

For sponsoring Mata Ki Chauki in the temple Contact Acharya Ji at 408 – 480 – 5477
and at your home Abhishek Sharma Ji at 408 – 614 – 8052
Pramod Agrawal 916 – 517 – 8433


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