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Shree Ram Mandir Bharat Darshan Hours, Address

Shree Ram Mandir Bharat Darshan Hours:

Morning: 8:00 AM to 12:00 Noon
Evening: 4:00 PM to 8:00 PM

About Shree Ram Mandir Bharat Darshan:

The Project:

Bharat Darshan is a place of worship and education. The vision of Bharat Darshan is to bring peace and create a sacred environment for all visitors. Bharat Darshan will be more than a place of worship, but also an educational public space for visitors to learn about the 28 states of India. It is our hope students and families visit the space to increase their knowledge of the history, culture and heritage of India. In addition, the Bharat Darshan project hopes to provide housing for the elderly through building a retirement community. In this vision a banquet hall will be built for entertaining and special occassions. In addition, Bharat Darshan hopes to offer yoga and meditation classes to the community. Bharat Darshan is open to the public with free admission.

Shree Ram Mandir Bharat Darshan

With the help of Nirman Foundation, the Founder of Bharat Darshan purchased the 22 acres of land in 2004 and formed the Charuhas Foundation. Nirman Foundation was established by Chhotalal Parekh, who was a well respected man within society. Chhotalal Parekh played a great role in the settlement of the Founder and therefore, Bharat Darshan is in memory of him. The Nirman Foundation has provided medical aide, funds for women and mental health patients and the development of various schools in India. In 2006, the Founder returned the funds which were used to purchase the land. However, the name, Charuhas Foundation remains today because the Founder promised himself at the groundbreaking ceremony in 2005 to continue the developmentof Bharat Darshan.

For Donations:

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Thank you for considering a donation to Bharat Darshan. Donations are tax deductible, please request and keep your receipt. Secure Online DONATIONS now available using PAYPAL using credit or debit card. POLICY INFORMATION: All donations made are accepted with gratitude Contributions made to Bharat Darshan can not be refunded. Please contact us for any questions related to donations made to the foundation.

Shree Ram Mandir Bharat Darshan Address:

13504 Brandywine Road,
Maryland 20613, USA
Phone: +1 301-782-2814 - Meritroyalbet - Dinamobet -

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