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Shri Gokuleshadvatrimshannama Ashtakam Lyrics in English

śrīgokuleśadvātriṃśannāmāṣṭakam Lyrics in English:

srigokuleso jayati namaste gokuladhipa ।
namaste gokularadhya namaste gokulaprabho ॥ 1॥

namaste gokulamane namaste gokulotsava ।
namaste gokulaikasa namaste gokulodaya ॥ 2॥

namaste gokulapate namaste gokulatmaka ।
namaste gokulasvamin namaste gokulesvara ॥ 3॥

namaste gokulananda namaste gokulapriya ।
namaste gokulahlada namaste gokulavraja ॥ 4॥

namaste gokulotsaha namaste gokulavana ।
namaste gokulodgita namaste gokulasthita ॥ 5॥

namaste gokuladhara namaste gokulasraya ।
namaste gokulasrestha namaste gokulodbhava ॥ 6॥

namaste gokulollasa namaste gokulapriya ।
namaste gokuladhyeya namaste gokulodupa ॥ 7॥

namaste gokulasladhya namaste gokulotsuka ।
namaste gokulasriman namaste gokulaprada ॥ 8॥

iti srigokulanathanam dvatrimsannamastakam namastotram samaptam ।

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