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Significance of Sri Rama Navamai | Birthday of Lord Sri Rama

Ancient civilisations decided that the sun is the most powerful source of light that supports life. Hence, the ancient Egyptians called the sun “Amon Ra” or “Ra”. In Latin, the syllable “Ra” is used for anything that is known to connote light. These include radium because it radiates or emits light. “Ra” in several languages refers to emission of bright light. In most cases “Ra” describes the Sun and its special bright light.

There is an occurrence of “Ra” syllable in most names used for Lord Ram. There are other suggestions for the festival of Ram Navami antedates the “R- Ayana”. This originated long before the Ramayana. It was known as the ‘Sun-festival’ for invoking the Sun. In the ancient days, the Sun was recognised as source of light and heat.

The Sun was given more significance by Aryans living in higher latitudes. These Aryans migrated to India. Many Indian royal dynasties portrayed the symbols of power like the Sun, Eagle, and Lion etc. The forefathers of Lord Ram considered to have descended from symbol of power – the Sun. Hence, this could be why Lord Ram’s birthday festival is devoted to the sun. The Ramayana is the divine story. Lord Vishnu manifested on Earth in the human form of Lord Rama.

Sri Ram Navami

Teachings of Ramayana:
The Ramayana gives us the message on life and teachings of Lord Ram Chandra. The word “Ram” literally means one who is divinely blissful. Also, “Ram” brings joy to others including in whom the sages rejoice.

Repetition of Ram’s name [Ram Nama] is the surest, fastest and easiest way to attain purity. Also, there is peace, wisdom, understanding, joy, prosperity and ultimately liberation. Lord Ram said “Repetition of my name is equal to the repeating of one thousand names of God and Goddess or repeating of mantras one thousand times.” Lord Ram was the perfect person he embodied the divine on Earth. He taught us how to live our lives accordingly to dharma and divine principles.

Lord Ram was full of compassion, gentleness, kindness, rightness and integrity. Even though he had all the power in the world, he was peaceful and gentle. Studying Ram’s life, we realise he was a perfect son, a perfect brother, a perfect husband. Also, he was the perfect king who reined Ayodhya or Ram Rajya. There was epitome of perfect governance during Ram’s rule.

Significance of Sri Rama Navamai | Birthday of Lord Sri Rama

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