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Sri Rama Chalisa

Ram Chalisa refers to the forty “chaupais” [devotional poetries] dedicated to Lord Ram. Word “chalisa” is from Hindi word “chalis” meaning forty referring to forty hymns for Lord Ram. Ram Chalisa is recited in Hindu households where Lord Ram is worshipped on a regular basis.

Ram Chalisa is recited at the end of the puja. Before, there is recitation of Ram Charit Manasa [a famous epic Hindi poem written by Tulsidas]. Thereafter there is Ram Aarti. When one recites the Ram Chalisa, one would be set free from one’s sins. Also, one would achieve “Moksha” [release from the circle of life, death and rebirth]. One would attain a sense of peace and oneness with the World around one. Also, people believe reciting the Ram Chalisa helps one get divine blessings from Lord Ram himself.
Sri Rama Navami

Sri Rama Chalisa

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