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Sree Raghavapuram Hanuman Temple Timings, History, Pooja, Festivals

Sree Raghavapuram Temple(Hanumarambalam) is one of the temples of North Malabar which attracts thousands of devotees. Hanumarambalam is also sometimes called Valliya Ambalam, maybe because of other small temples around it. Sri Raghavapuram is also mentioned in the history of Panchapuranam. Raghavapuram Hanuman Temple is situated at Cheruthazham, a bustling village on a sloppy hill, facing west of the Seven Mountains.

Sree Hanuman Temple Timings:

Morning: 4:30 AM to 12:30 PM
Evening: 5:30 PM to 8:00 PM

Sree Raghavapuram Anjaneya Temple Daily Schedule:

Temple Opening (Morning) 4:30 AM
Usha Pooja (Morning Pooja), Shiveli 6:00 AM
Uccha Puja (Afternoon Pooja) 12:00 Noon
Temple Closing 12:30 PM
Temple Opening (Evening) 5:30 PM
Deeparadhana (Evening Pooja) 6:30 PM
Athazha Pooja, Shiveli 7:30 PM
Temple Closing 8:00 PM

Raghavapuram Hanuman Temple History:

Kolathiri King Udayavarman, who was not on good terms with Kerala Brahmin of Perrinchelloor(Taliparamba), brought 237 Vitnanika Brahmin families from Gokarna and placed them in the kingdom of Kolathiri. They were called Sagaranmar and Anjudesa Brahmins. These brahmins were also been named as “5 desh brahmins” as they have been residing in five places viz. Cheruthazham, Kulapram, Kunaru, Arathil and Koram.

In all five places, separate temples were built in addition to one common temple namely Sree Raghavapuram temple. These were mentioned in Udayavarma Charithram, “Kollarashtravarnnan”. The temple administration was under the brahmin community known as Sree Raghavapuresha Sabha Yogam. In the past, under several celebrated spiritual pandits and wandering saints, Hindu philosophy and Adhathmikasadasangal were been taught and explained.

Sree Raghavapuram Hanuman Temple

In one of the famous stories of Purana regarding the war between Lord Rama and Raavana, when Laxman was seriously injured, Lord Hanuman was sent to bring back a herbal plant to cure Laxman, from the mountains of Lanka. While Hanuman was carrying the mountain a small portion of the mountain broke and fell from his hands where the temple is located and thus existed the famous Seven Mountains(Ezhimala). Due to the fall of the piece of the mountain from Hanuman’s hand, the presence of Chaitanya of Sree Hanuman and Sree Rama was felt and experienced here.

This temple was believed to be built during the period of the Mooshaka dynasty and later Sree Udayavarma Kolathiri during his rule had renovated the temple. This temple is considered to be 2,650 years old.

By visiting this temple of Sree Ramaswami, Sree Sitadevi and Sree Lakshman who were the deities of Treta yuga, a devotee can experience the spirit of Chaitanya of these deities. During the month of Karkitaka(July 16th to August 15th) of Ramayana Masam, celebrations take place for 31 days with pooja and festivals in this temple of north Malabar at Sri Raghavapuram temple.

This temple comes under Malabar Devaswam. The executive officer, permitted by the board is controlling the daily administration. The eldest member of Varanakkodu Ellam is the traditional Trusty. The recent Trustee is Brahma Sree Varanakkodu Krishnan Namboothiri. Sree Rama Hanuman Seva Samithi is under the control of our religious devotees for the renovation of our temple.

Sree Raghavapuram Anjaneya Temple Deities:

Sree Ram, Sita & Lakshman
Sri Hanuman‍
Lord Shiva
Sree Durga Devi

Shree Raghavapuram Anjaneya Temple Festivals:

Shivraathri Festival
Shri Rama Navami
Hanuman Jayanthi
Ramayanmaasacharanam-Karkittakam From 1st to 31st
Navaratri Festival

Raghavapuram Hanuman Temple

Sri Hanuman Temple Prasad Oottu:

Prasad Oottu would be conducted for every devotee arriving in Hanumanambalam temple every Saturday and Sunday.

Sri Raghavapuram Hanuman Temple Address:

Cheruthazham, P.O.
Kerala – 670501.
Phone: 0497 2810477

Sree Raghavapuram Hanuman Temple Map:

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