Krishna Janmashtami

Sri Krishna Bal Leela | Shri Krishna Bal Leela

Lord Krishna is one of the most loved and adored Gods of Hindu religion. The Lord is worshipped from his early childhood known as Bal Leela. This part of his life is glorified and admired. During Bal Leela from birth to ten years, there were several episodes. Also, there were many divine signs displayed right from Lord Krishna’s birth.

Episode of Killing of Demoness Putana:
According to legend, King Kansa decided to kill Krishna because Kansa knew Krishna would kill him. Putana, the demon, had to kill all the male infants in Mathura and other neighboring towns. She transformed into a beautiful woman and smeared her breast with poison. She roamed from one house to another and killed all infants. Finally she reached Baba Nand’s house where Bal Krishna was lying in the cradle. Putana fled with him to feed her poisonous milk. Lord Krishna kept smiling and drinking the milk and after a while Putana shrieked with pain. Krishna had sucked her life out.

Sri Krishna Bal Leela

Episode of Overturning the Cart by Lord Krishna:
Folklore mentions one of his birth ceremonies. Mata Yashoda had kept Krishna sleeping under the cart full of milk. Krishna started crying for milk after getting up. But, Mata Yashoda didn’t hear his cries. Thus, Lord Krishna kicked the cart with his feet and overturned it. The pots were shattered and milk started flowing into his mouth. When this story of overturned cart was told to Mata Yashoda, she could not believe it.

Episode of Displaying the Cosmos to Mother Yashoda:
According to the legend, one day Mata Yashoda was cuddling Krishna and playing with him. Bal Krishna was on her lap and yawned. When he opened his mouth, Mata Yashoda saw the whole universe in his mouth. She saw the sun, the moon and all the stars, the sky. Also, she saw mountains, rivers, islands, oceans, all the continents. Also, Mata Yashoda saw all living as well as non living beings.

Episode of Killing of Demon Trinivarta:
King Kansa sent demon Trinivarta, one of his loyal servants, to kill Lord Krishna. The demon transformed into a whirlwind and carried the child away. On reaching the sky, the demon found it difficult to make any further moves. This was because the child was unbearably heavy. The demon was unable to bear his weight and the child’s weight. The demon Trinivarta fell on the ground and met his fate. The demon took his original form after the death. Mata Yashoda was astonished to see Bal tKrishna lying on the dead demon.

Episode with the Fruit Seller:
Folklore mentions Lord Krishna went to a woman fruit seller. He requested her to give him some fruits in exchange for a handful of grains. The woman took the handful of grains from Lord Krishna. She kept the grains in her basket and left. When she reached home, the woman was surprised to discover her basket had precious stones and gems instead of grains.

Episode of Omnipresent Lord Krishna:
Bal Gopal was very mischievous and fond of great pleasure in playing pranks on gopis. He used to break the gopis’ earthen pots to steal milk and butter. One day, Lord Krishna broke all the earthen pots of a gopi to get butter. Bal Gopal got caught red handed. Hence, the gopi went to Mata Yashoda and complained about his mischievous deed. The gopi was very shocked to see the Lord standing next to his mother. The gopi was so embarrassed that she immediately left the place.

There are numerous Bal Leelas of Lord Krishna that are very popular. These include killing of demons Aghasura and Bakasura who were brothers Putana, the demon. According to legend, Mata Yashoda was tying Krishna with a rope. However, every time she tried, she found the rope was shorter by few inches.