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Birth of Lord Sri Krishna | Lord Krishna Janmashtami

Krishna Birth:- 18th July 3228 BCE

Krishna Death:- 18th February 3102 BCE (the start of Kali Yuga)

Janmashtami is celebrated to welcome and enjoy Lord Krishna’s birth. Lord Krishna was born at the auspicious moment when the planets were in favourable positions. There is a saying that God selects the particular time to take birth in human form. The planetary systems are adjusted accordingly.

Auspicious Nakshatra (Constellation):
During Bhagwan Krishna’s birth, Rohini Nakshatra was predominant and considered to be quite auspicious. The reason was because it was under the supervision of Brahma, the creator of Universe. Sri Krishna was born in the Sravana month more than 5000 years ago.

Born in Dwapuwr Yug [Iron Age]:
Some scholars have studied about birth and life of Krishna. He was born on Wednesday, the eighth day of second fortnight in Sravana month. The year was Visvavasu around 3227 BC. This year is referred to as Dwapur Yug. Hence, Krishna was born on July 19th 3228 BC to be more accurate. He lived for 125 years. Finally, he disappeared on February 18th 3102 BC on the new moon night of Phalguna. After Krishna left for his heavenly abode, it marked the beginning of current corrupt Kaliyug.

Lord Sri Krishna

Universal Happiness of all Forms of Life:
Soon after Devki conceived Krishna, she glowed with aura and exuded divine light. Even the prison walls illuminated and became brighter. There was serene peace and happiness in the atmosphere. This prevailed all over in the forests that were green and lustrous. The trees were green and full of leaves. There were all kinds of beautiful flowers. The rivers were full of water and swollen. There was triumphant and joy everywhere. The peacocks began to dance gaily and joyously. The people in all villages started being happy.

Objective of Krishna’s Birth:
Main objective of Krishna’s birth was to free Mother Earth from the wickedness of demons. In addition, Krishna played important role in Mahabharata [legendary battle in Kurukshetra]. Also, Krishna propagated the theory of bhakti and good karma.

Events Before The Birth of Sri Krishna:
The people of Mathura were tortured, tormented and extremely unhappy with the wicked king Kansa. He imprisoned his father, King Ugrasen, and usurped the throne declaring himself king of Mathura. Lord Vishnu was born in human form as Krishna. He decided to get rid of Kansa’s and other demon’s evil ways. During Devki and Vasudev’s wedding, there was Akashvani [heavenly voice] made an announcement. The eighth child of the couple would slay Kansa who was very upset. Kansa became angry, completely lost control and tried to attack his beloved sister. Kansa became at peace after Vasudev assured Devki’s children would be handed over to him. Nevertheless Kansa put the couple in the dungeon. Kansa killed all the six infants as soon as they were born. The seventh child [Balram] was saved. This was with the help of divine intervention. Balaram was transferred from Devki’s to Rohini’s womb. Rohini was Vasudev wife too.

Events During the Birth of Lord Krishna:
Krishna was born in the prison cell where both his parents were in captivity of Kansa. He was born in the divine form. Krishna had lotus like eyes. His palms had the signs of lotus and discus. There were swastika signs on the soles of his feet. Krishna wore a yellow coloured silk cloth. He was adorned with precious diamond earrings, and a crown made of emeralds.

Soon after Krishna’s birth, there was a chain of events that astonished Vasudev. Suddenly, the gates of the cell flung open and all the prison guards were fast asleep. This was an awesome chance for him to smuggle the new born child. Immediately, he thought of his close friend, Baba Nand, in Gokul. Instead of handing over to Kansa and having it killed, Vasudev decided on saving him. He risked travelling in the torrential rain to Gokul.

River Yamuna Bows To The Feet of Sri Krishna:
Night when Krishna was born, there was heavy rainfall and flooding in the River Yamuna. But, as soon as Lord’s feet got immersed in the river water flow became normal. It seemed the River Yamuna made way for the Lord. The serpent Sheshnag formed into an umbrella to shelter Krishna from the pouring rain.

Exchange of the Babies:
Vasudev exchanged Krishna with the baby girl sleeping next to Yasoda who was fast asleep. He took the girl child with him to Mathura. This girl child was probably the system of Lord Vishnu.

Disappearance of The Divine Child:
When Kansa heard Devki and Vasudev have their eighth child, he rushed to the prison cell. As usual, Kansa lifted the baby girl to kill her despite Devki’s pleadings. But, instead of hitting the stone the child flew up in the air. Also, she announced that Kansa’s annihilator is born and in safe hands.

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