Sri Ujjaini Mahankali Temple Prasadam Pooja Charges Secunderabad Telangana

Sri Ujjaini Mahankali Temples AnadanamPrasadam, Pooja, Bogamluu Charges in Detail. Offline and Online Charge are available. Ujjaini Mahankali Temple is a famous temple which is located in Secunderabad, Ranga Reddy district, Telangana. This famous temple is very Near to the railway Station.

This Temple was constructed by a Devotee Suriti Appaiah in July 1815. He is a Doli Bearer in Military Battalion. A Wooden idol was installed later stone idol of Goddess Mahakali was installed was change in 1964. In 1900 A.D a mandapam was constructed.

Pooja / Offerring Online Charges inlcuding the Service
Tax for the Payment Gateway
For Off Line Payment For Online Payment
Sahastra Nama Archana 125.00 Rs/-
Nitya Aarathi 125.00 Rs/-
Abhishekam 130.00 Rs/- 150.00 Rs/-
Swarna Pushparachana 100.00 Rs/- 125.00 Rs/-
Pallaki Seva (Tuesday, Friday 6.00pm) 200.00 Rs/- 225.00 Rs/-
Chandi Homam (Pournami only) 1016.00 Rs/- 1116.00 Rs/-
Laksha Pushparchana 2516.00 Rs/- 2751.00 Rs/-
Ghatam Pushpa Alankaram per (only during Aashda Jathra) 2767.00 Rs/-
Astotharam 10.00 Rs/-
Khadgamalarchana 20.00 Rs/-
Odibiyyam 30.00 Rs/-
Vastramulu Samaprana 15.00 Rs/-
Vehicle Pooja Four Wheeler’s 150.00 Rs/-
Vehicle Pooja Two Wheeler’s 100.00 Rs/-
Sri Mangala Chandi Homam 2100.00 Rs/-
Devotees are requested to bring all pooja items.
Bogamluu / Naivedyam
Pulihora (1 Kg) 150.00 Rs/- 175.00 Rs/-
Chakari Pongal (1 Kg) 250.00 Rs/- 275.00 Rs/-
Bella Pongal (1 Kg) 250.00 Rs/- 275.00 Rs/-
Dadojanamu (1 Kg) 100.00 Rs/- 125.00 Rs/-
Chanagalu / Shondel (1 Kg ) 100.00 Rs/- 125.00 Rs/-
Rava Kesari (1 Kg ) 250.00 Rs/- 275.00 Rs/-
Anadanam Details
Anadanam For one Day 651.00 Rs/- 751.00 Rs/-
Shasvatha Anadanam per day per year 5516.00 Rs/- 5985.00 Rs/-
Shasvatha Pooja per day per year ( After Completion of One Year Of Payment on the day chosen by the devotee) 1516.00 Rs/- 1690.00 Rs/-
Shasvatha Chandi Homam 10116.00 Rs/- 10926.00 Rs/-
Prasadam (Available at Temple)
Laddu 100 grms 10.00 Rs/-
Pulihora 200 grms 10.00 Rs/-
Vada 75 grms 10.00 Rs/-
Rava Kesari 100 grms 10.00 Rs/-
[/su_table] NOTE : (*) For Online Payment Service Tax is Applicable.
Abhishekam is performed for the Sri Ujjaini Mahankali by taking the gothram and names of the Devotees.

Chandi Homam Charges: Rs 816.00/-
Chandi Homam is performed every month on the Poornima day (Full Moon Day).
Chandi Homam is performed for Loka Kalyanam.
Devotees who wish to perform this Homan are requested to give there Names and Ghotram, so there names and ghotram is recited and the pradadam will be given to them. - Meritroyalbet - Dinamobet -

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