Basara Saraswati Temple Sevas, Price Details

List of Sevas and Price Details of Sri Gnana Saraswati Temple Basara:

Abhishekam Rs. 200-00
Special Kumkumarchana Rs. 150-00
Akshara Srikaram / Aksharabhyasam Rs. 100-00
Sri Sathyanarayana Swami Pooja Rs. 100-00
Special Akshara Srikaram Rs. 1,000-00
Nithya Chandi Homam Rs. 1,116-00
Upanayanam Rs. 100-00
Pallaki Seva ( Every Friday) Rs. 200-00
Special Darshanam (only one person) Rs. 100-00
 Vyasa Guha Pravesham Rs. 5-00
Gnana Jyothi Deepam Rs. 10-00
Shashvatha Kumkumarchana (Early once) Rs. 1,016-00
Suvarna Pushparchana (only friday 8:00 AM to 10:00 AM) Rs. 1,116-00
Shashvitha Pooja Abhishekam (Early once) Rs. 1,116-00

Vahana Pooja


Scooter/Motor Cycle Rs. 100-00
Car/Jeep Rs. 150-00
Bus/Lorry/Tractor Rs 200-00

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