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Secunderabad Sri Ujjaini Mahankali Temple Timings, History | Telangana Tourism


Secunderabad Sri Ujjaini Mahakali Temple Timings:

From Saturday to Thursday: 6.00 am to 12.00 Noon and 4.00 pm to 9.00 pm.
On Friday: 6.00 am to 1.00 pm and 4.00 pm to 10.00 pm.
On Bonalu Jathara days: Darshanam starts at 4:00 am.

Note: No Archanas, Puja during Sodasochar Puja. No entry inside, in front of Garbhagudi.

Secunderabad Sri Ujjaini Mahankali Temple History:

The twin cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad are land of many ancient Hindu temples. It is a land of religious harmony with the Hindu festivals being celebrated and also Ramzan being observed with elegance. One such temple is the Sri Ujjain Mahankali Temple in Secunderabad constructed in 1813. This temple was not the work of any king or any rich person, but that of a devotee.

This Mahankali Temple is only 1.5 kms from Secunderabad Railway Station and nearly 10kms from MGBS Bus Terminus.

The 200 year old temple had been constructed by Sri Suriti Appaiah, an army person who was sent to work as a mason along with few other army personnel to the city of Ujjain in Madhya Pradesh. As Suriti Ayyappa was habituated to visit the temple of Goddess Ammavaaruu every day since his childhood, he kept this habit in Ujjain as well. Here he offered his prayers at the famous Mahankali Ujjaini Temple. While leaving the city on the completion of the task, he went to the temple one last time and thanked the Goddess for having showered her blessings. He took an oath that he would be constructing a temple for the Goddess back in his native place. Ayyappa did stick to his commitment and put a wooden idol of the Goddess in a temple constructed by him in his home town, Secunderabad. This was the Sri Ujjaini Mahankali Temples History.

Over years, this simple temple got renovated to a grand one. While working on the temple project, the workers stumbled upon another idol. This was Goddess Manikyalamma. This idol is now placed right beside the Ujjaini Mahankali idol in the renovated temple. With time, the temple got more popular and devotees from all over flocked the place.

The temple saw more changes. The wooden idol of Goddess was replaced by the black stone statue in 1864. And both the idols re installed in accordance with the Hindu shastras and prayers. Later the temple committee was formed that was entrusted with the routine maintenance and working of the temple.

Festivals like Bonalu Panduga, Ghatothsayam, KolupuPothraju Bali, Rangam and Saganamputa are celebrated with pleasure in the temple. The Bonalu festival in the Ashada month is also known as Lashkar Bonalu. The Potharaju dance is also popular amongst the 2 lakh devotees who visit during the festival. The Bonalu Jathara features the unique culture of the Telangana sect. Bonalu Jathara is celebrated for 15 days, The main festival is the third Sunday. The Ghatam Procession on a elephant (Goddess Manikyalamma Photo) will be carried out in all streets in Secunderabad area.

Sri Ujjaini Mahakali Temple in Secunderabad

Note: Every month, on the day of Poornima “Chandi Homam” takes place in the temple for peace and well-being in the world. Devotees who wish to participate in this pooja must pay ticket amount to the temple. During the performance of Homam, Ghotram and the names of the devotees are recited and prasadam is given later.

Sri Ujjaini Mahankali Temple Arch

Ghatosthavam is a fifteen day festival when the decorated Ghatam taken as the form of the Goddess is taken to every household in a procession for puja. The earlier practice of animal sacrifice on the last day of the festival i.e. the, Kolupu Pothraju Bali is not in place anymore.

Rangan is another much celebrated festival is observed by the unmarried woman folks. This festival is much awaited by the young women who stand on the earthen pots before the Goddess and offer their prayers. Mother Goddess is said to proclaim the good events that would take place in the life of the girl in near future.

These celebrations and festivals make the temple popularly acclaimed by the visiting tourists who come to the Ujjaini Mahankali temple seeking the blessings of the Mother Goddess.

Bangaru Bonam Sri Ujjanini Mahakali Temple

Pujas/ Services Offered in Sri Ujjaini Mahankali Temple:

Shasra Namarchana
Vastramuku Samarpana
Nithya Harathi
Vehicle Poojas for Lorry/Tempo/Car/Bike/Auto
Swarna Pushpaarchana
Pallaki Seva
Chandi Homam
Sri Mangala Chandi Homam
Laksha Pushparchana

All the above mentioned poojas are preformed as per Vedas. On Fridays, special decorated archanas are made. The Navarathri celebration takes place in Ashwayujam with beautiful floral decorations for the goddess. Homamas saptasathi are performed. Thousands of devotees will have the goddess darshan and be blessed.

Sri Ujjaini Mahankali Temple Bogamluu/Prasadam:

1) Pulihora
2) Chakari Pongal
3) Bella Pongal
4) Dadojanamu
5) Chanagalu
6) Rava Kesari
7) Vada

Sri Ujjaini Mahankali Temple Entrance

Sri Ujjaini Mahakali Temple Annual Events:

Kolupu Potharaju Bali

Sri Ujjaini Mahakali Temple Address:

Sri Ujjaini Mahakali Temple Devastanam,
General Bazar,
Secunderabad – 500 003,
Contact Number: 040 2781 4744
Sri Ujjaini Mahankali Temple

Ujjaini Mahankali Temple Donation and Other Payment Details:

Andhra Bank:
Saving Account Number: 050510011012529

Bank Address:
3-1-17 to 21,
Rashtrapathi Road, Secunderabad
Branch Code: 000505
IFSC Code: ANDB 000 0505
MICR Code: 500011036

NOTE: Devotees can do direct Amount Transfer to the above mentioned Bank account and Send a Mail to so that we can acknowledge the same.

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