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Jubliee Hills Peddamma Talli Temple Timings, History, Pooja

Sri Peddamma Thalli Temple or Peddamma Gudi is a Durga temple located at Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad. It is very famous during the festive season of Bonaalu. The temple is dedicated to Goddess Durga, representing strength and courage. The name Peddamma derives from two verbs ‘ pedda ‘ and ‘ amma, ‘ meaning mother of mothers, denoting the goddess. Peddamma Thalli is supreme among the 11 forms of Village deities (Mahankalis). Besides the common devotees, the politicians, VIPs, Industrialists also come to the temple and perform Poojas at Temple.

The other deities in the Peddamma Temple are Laxmi, Ganapathi, Saraswathi, and Naga Devatha. Peddamma temple is also dedicated to Santhana Laxmi, who sits on a lion. Peddamma Thalli is known as Gauramma and Ammavaru here. The temple was developed by Late P Janardhan Reddy, popularly known as PJR took special care.

Jubilee Sri Peddamma Thalli Temple Timings:

Weekdays: 6.00 AM to 1.00 PM and 3:00 PM to 8:00 PM
Sundays: 6:00 AM to 8:30 PM

Jubilee Hills Peddamma Talli Temple History:

There is no clear evidence about the existence of the temple. But it is considered that the temple is here for about 150 years. Only in the year 1993, it took place in a big way and the Rajagopuram was constructed. Hundreds of people come to this temple and it looks every day like a festival. People believe in “Amma” and the temple is very popular in the twin cities, next to “Ujjaini Mahakali Temple” Secunderabad. The devotees pray to “Amman” as their own mother and believe that she is the savior. Unlike the utsavams i.e., Bonalu once a year, here is this temple the Bonalu utsavams performed every Sunday. Besides the common people, politicians, VIPs, Industrialists come to this temple and perform pujas in this temple.

Sri Peddamma Thalli Temple

Shiva, the supreme ascetic, disturbed by the violence opened his third eye unleashing the fire of doom. Even the power of Shiva’s third eye capable of destroying the three worlds could not arrest Mahisashura’s march.

At that very moment, a stream of lightning dazzled forth from the mouths of Brahma, in the form of the goddess Brahmi. She rode a swan and held books of wisdom in her hands.

Simultaneously, the Shaktis of the other gods emerged taking female forms. From Indra, rose Indrani bearing a thunderbolt, riding an elephant, from Kumara rose Kaumari holding a lance and riding a peacock, from Vishnu rose Vaishnavi on an eagle with a discus whirling on her finger, from Varaha came the sharp tusk sow Varahi, from Shiva came Shiavani riding a bull bearing a trident.

They rose to the sky and merged with each other in a blinding light. The sounds of the conchs, drums and bells filled the air. With bated breath, the gods watched the light. From the heavenly light arose a beautiful goddess Durga ‘the inaccessible one’.

Then all the gods furnished her with their special weapons. Shiva gave his trident, Vishnu his discus and mace, Indra his thunderbolt, Kurmara his lance, Brahma his bow. Then mounting a lion, Durga prepared for battle.

A great battle commenced. Mountains shook, oceans trembled, clouds scattered across the sky, as the buffalo demon attacked Durga. He rushed towards her, sometimes as a buffalo, sometimes as a lion, sometimes as an elephant. The goddess broke the buffalo’s horns with her mace, sheared the lion’s mane with her lance, cut the elephant’s trunk with her sword.

Weapon after weapon, when hurled at the buffalo demon, but each time he managed to rise up undefeated.

Realizing that her weapons had no effect on Mahisashura, Durga threw them aside, dismounted from her lion and with her bare hands sprang upon Mahisashura’s back. With her tender feet, she kicked his head. The demon, immune to the weapons of all the gods, fell senseless at the touch of Durga’s feet.

Durga then raised her trident and plunged it into the buffalo demon’s heart conquering the unconquerable.

Jubliee Hills Peddamma Temple

Durga is worshipped in various other forms also. She is
Uma, “light”;
Gauri, “yellow or brilliant”;
Parvati, “the mountaineer”;
Jagatmata, “the-mother-of-the-world”
Durga “the inaccessible”;
Kali, “the black”;
Chandi, “the fierce”;
Bhairavi, “the terrible.”

Jubliee Hills Peddamma Talli Poojas/Sevas:

  1. Ashtottara Archana (with fruit)
  2. Ashtottara Archana (with fruits & coconut)
  3. Abhishekam – any deity
  4. Homam
  5. Kalyanam
  6. Sahasranamam
  7. Satyanarayana Pooja
  8. Flowers (Regular Day)
  9. One Day Temple Kainkaryam
  10. One Day Temple Kainkaryam during festival days
  11. Bhagavati Seva
  12. Chandi Homam
  13. Deepa Pooja
  14. Dhana Laxmi Pooja
  15. Flowers for Navaratri all days
  16. Ksheerabdhi Dwadasi Pooja
  17. Nagula Chavithi (Subrahmanya Swamy Abhishekam)
  18. Navaratri all 9 days
  19. Skanda Shashthi all events
  20. Pavitrotsavam all events
  21. New Year Day, all events
  22. Upanayanam
  23. Wedding
  24. 6th/80th Birthdays
  25. Hair Offering
  26. Anna Prasana
  27. Aksharabhyasam
  28. Namakaranam
  29. Seemantham
  30. All Navagraha Archanas

How to Reach Jubliee Hills Peddamma Talli:

By Air: The nearest airport is Shamshabad Airport which is 36km from the temple.

By Rail: The nearest railway station is Secunderabad which is just 6 km from the temple. Now there is a metro station having the temple as the stop and with walkable distance.

By Road: The temple is within Hyderabad city. Many buses reach the temple from different places, from MGBS it is 14kms and from Secunderabad railway station.

Peddamma Distance and Public Transport facilities:
From Secunderabad Railway Station 12.5 Kms, Buses from Secbad 10H (direct bus), 5K-127P, 5T-127K
From MGBS Bus Stop, Hyderabad 14 Kms from Hyd 127Kms

Jubilee Hills Peddamma Talli Address:

Peddamma Gudi
Road No. 55,
Jubilee Hills,
Hyderabad – 500033

Contact Person and Phone Number:
Shobhan Babu: 040 – 23544592, 040 – 23607284

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