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SriKalahasti Temple Chandi Homam Benefits, Procedure, Timings

The temple in Srikalahasti is an ancient place of worship dedicated to God Shiva, known as Sri Kalahastheeswara Swamy. The temple has a rich history and huge number of devotees visit this temple throughout the year. Visitors to the temple are driven by two primary motivations: to seek the divine presence and to actively participate in the diverse rituals and ceremonies hosted within the temple’s sacred confines. Among the rituals, the Chandi Homam is renowned for its spiritual significance.
It’s performed by devotees with different motives such as addressing problems with astrology along with reducing the obstacles of life. Devotees can visit the Srikalahasti Temple and arrange for the Chandi Homam, seeking divine intervention and guidance in their lives.

SriKalahasti Temple Chandi Homam:

SriKalahasti Temple Chandi Homam Ticket Cost: Rs.1116

Chandi Homam Timings: Everyday 10:00 AM to 11:30 AM

Ticket Reservation Procedure: the ticket will only be issued at the ticket counter office. The ticket can be purchased one day in advance at the counter or on the same day. Online Booking is not available.
Venue: At Kalika Matha Temple located in the temple compound.

Prasad: 5 Laddus, 5 Vada, 1 upper cloth, 1 Jacket piece, Pulihora 1 kilogram.

Pooja material will be provided by the temple administration upon purchase of the ticket.

Chandi Homam can be performed alone or with family, children can accompany their parents during the pooja.

Chandi Homam

SriKalahasti Temple Chandi Homam Dress Code:

For Men: Pancha, Dhoti/ Kurta,Pyjama.

For Women: Saree with blouse, Punjabi Dress with Dupatta, Chudidhar with Dupatta or Half saree.

Chandi Homam Procedure:

The heart of the ceremony is the recitation of Durga Spathashati. There are 700 secret and powerful mantras that will be used to praise the Goddess Durga, in the form of Durga by defeating many demons. With the recitation of each verse, offerings are made in the sacrificial fire to summon Goddess Durga.

Chandi Homam Benefits:

1) Chandi Homam is good for removing obstacles or blocks in growth.

2) This helps to strengthen political power and also helps to win the race in all aspects.

3) The suffering caused by hostile elements, poison, witchcraft, thieves, etc. will be eliminated.

4) High yield of agricultural production and Vamsa Vrudhi (Dynasty).

5) Eliminate fear, evils, danger and defeat.

6) We will have success, strength, longevity, health, wealth and prosperity.

Kalahasti Temple Best days for Chandi Homam:

Chandi Homam can be perfomed any number of times.
The best days are Bahula Ashtami, Navami or Chaturdashi to get good benefits.

How to reach Sri Kalahasti Temple?

Direct buses are available from Tirupati Bus terminus to Sri Kalahasti, which takes just 60 minutes by bus. For every 10 to 15 minutes busses are available from Tirupati Sri Kalahasti Temple.

Direct buses are available from Chennai, Nellore, Chittoor, Vellore, Kanchipuram and from places.

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