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SriKalahasti Temple Rudra Homam Timings, Mantra

SriKalahasti Temple, situated in Andhra Pradesh, is a well-known pilgrimage destination devoted to Lord Shiva. The Rudra Homam holds immense significance among the prominent rituals performed at this sacred site. In this blog, We provide our readers with a thorough guide covering various aspects of the Rudra Homam located at SriKalahasti Temple. This includes details about the timings, booking procedure, step-by-step process, payment information, online booking options, and answers to frequently asked questions about the Rudra Homam at Srikalahasti Temple.

Rudra Homam is a sacred Vedic fire ritual dedicated to Sri Rudra, a fierce and powerful aspect of God Shiva. Trained priests perform it, which involves chanting Vedic mantras while making offerings into a consecrated fire. In Sanskrit, Rud means sorrow, and Ra means destroyer. This ritual is believed to invoke Sri Rudra’s blessings for protection, healing, and removing obstacles. Rudra Homam helps us to progress in our spiritual life. This Homam is frequently performed to seek relief from various physical and spiritual afflictions and promote overall well-being and harmony. Rudra Homam is an essential part of many Hindu ceremonies and is performed with great devotion and honor. It is mentioned that Sri Krishna sang Sri Rudram Mantra during Kurukshetra’s epic war for victory.

SriKalahasti Temple Rudra Homam Timings:

Rudra Homam Dates/Time: 10:00 AM to 11:30 AM on All Days.

Pooja Venue: Rudra Homam is performed in Kalika Matha Temple, located within the temple compound.

Rudra Homam Tickets: Tickets for Rudra Homam can be obtained at the ticket counter. They are available for purchase either one day in advance at the counter or on the same day.

Pooja Samagri: The temple administration will provide the necessary Pooja Samagri or materials upon the purchase of the ticket.

Ticket Price: The cost for Rudra Homam is Rs. 1116 per couple, and children are allowed to accompany their parents during the pooja. Rudra Homam can be performed either as a single individual or as a couple.

Online Booking: Online booking for the SriKalahasti Temple Rudra Homam is currently not available. To book your participation in the homam, you need to visit the temple in person and follow the booking procedure there.

SriKalahasti Temple Rudra Homam

Kalahasti Rudra Homam Dress Code:

For Men: Pancha, Dhoti/ Kurta,Pyjama.

For Women: Saree with blouse, Punjabi Dress with Dupatta, Chudidhar with Dupatta and Half saree.

How to Perform Rudra Homam SriKalahasti Temple:

Rudra Homam is is performed by the installation of Agni Gundam and setting of sacred fire, using selected materials. Ghee will be poured continuously during Homam. The Agni will be energized by chanting veda mantras. Powerful energy will be invoked by the fire of Homam through prayers. This energy is propagated in the environment and creates a positive effect between us.

The sacred ashes of powerful homam can cure various skin diseases and the smoke that emerges from Agni Gundam cures asthma.

During Rudra Homam, Preists chants a Namaha mantra, this mantra eliminates all health problems. After Namaha, the slogan Chamakam will be chanted, which means good health and prosperity.

Rudra Homam Benefits in SriKalahasti Temple:

1) To eradicate negative karma
2) To get rid of problems and satisfy all your beloved desires.
3) Overcoming the disease
4) Eliminate the fear of death
5) Overcome the karma of the previous birth
6) To succeed in career
7) Gives health and prosperity
8) Relief from relationship problems

God Shiva’s Rudra Mantra:

Om Namo Bhagwate Rudraya
|| Katame Rudra iti Dasheme purushe praanaa atmaikadashah te yadasmat
martyaacchreeradtkramanti atha rodanti tad yad rodayanti tasmad Rudra iti ||

Rudra Homam Frequently Asked Questions

What is Rudra Homam?

Rudra Homam is a sacred Vedic fire ritual dedicated to Lord Rudra, a fierce aspect of Lord Shiva.

Where is Rudra Homam performed at SriKalahasti Temple?

Rudra Homam is conducted in a designated area within the temple premises.

Can I book Rudra Homam tickets online?

Currently, online booking for Rudra Homam is not available. You need to visit the temple in person for booking.

Can I participate in the SriKalahasti Temple Rudra Homam without prior booking?

It is recommended to reserve your place at the Rudra Homam ahead of time so that you can be sure of the availability. In the event that there are no slots available on the day you plan to appointment, it is possible to contact the reservation counter to book your spot

Is there a dress code for Rudra Homam?

Yes, there is a dress code to participate in the Rudra Homam at the SriKalahasti Temple. Devotees are required to wear traditional and modest attire. Men are typically expected to wear dhotis, and women are advised to wear sarees or traditional Indian attire. It’s important to dress respectfully when attending such sacred rituals.

What is the significance of Rudra Homam in SriKalahasti Temple?

The principal purpose behind Rudra Homam is to search for the divine blessings and grace that Lord Shiva. The belief is that performing this ceremony with dedication will help the devotees achieve the spiritual path, peace within and freedom from the cycles of birth and death.

Can I take photographs or videos during Rudra Homam?

No, photography and videography are generally not allowed during the ritual to maintain its sanctity.

Can Rudra Homam be performed on any day?

Yes, Rudra Homam is conducted daily at SriKalahasti Temple, but it’s best to confirm the timings before your visit.

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