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Sri Kalahasti Kaal Sarp Dosh Nivaran Puja, Cost, Remedies, Puja, Timings

Kaal Sarp Dosh Nivarana Pooja is performed in Srikalahasteeswara temple at Sri Kalahasti, near Tirupati, Pooja will be performed daily from 6.00 AM to 6.00 PM. Srikalahasteeswara temple at Sri Kalahasti is famous for Rahu Ketu Kaal Sarp Dosh Nivarana Pooja.

Best Days for Kaal Sarp Dosh:

Amavasya Days are best days to performing this puja, at the time of the solar and lunar eclipse, Naga Panchami, Sunday and Tuesday are also preferable days.

For good results, Kaal Sarp Dosh Nivarana Pooja should be performed twice a year. Once in the Dakshinayanam period, which runs from July 15th to January 15th, and again during the Uttarayanam period, from January 15th to July 15th.

After performing Kaal Sarp Dosh perform Rudrabhishekam to make the pooja complete.

Kaal Sarp Dosha Pooja Procedure:

Pooja will not take more than 40 minutes, followed by Darshan, which will take another 20 to 25 minutes. After this pooja, we should offer food to the poor on the streets.

Pooja material/samagri will be provided by the temple administration after taking the ticket, so no need to bring pooja materials from house. The cost of the ticket also includes Pooja material.

Kaal Sarp Dosh Nivaran Puja

Dos for Sarp Dosh Nivarana pooja:

Do not take head bath before the pooja
Women must perform this pooja 8 days before or after their menstrual cycle
Consult an astrologer during the prior planning of this pooja at the best time for this pooja.

Dont’s for Kaal Sarp Dosha Nivarana Pooja:

Do not visit your friends, relatives houses after this pooja
Do not visit any temple after performing this pooja
Do not sashtanga namaskara (prostrate) in any Naga Devatha temple.
Do not perform this pooja on oiled hair.
Pregnant women should not perform or participate in this dosha nivarana poojas.

Kaal Sarp Dosh Pooja Ticket Price:

Kaal Sarp Dosh Pooja Ticket Cost Rs.500, Rs.750, Rs.1500, Rs.2500

Rs.500: pooja will be performed Hall outside Temple, near Pathala Ganapathi Temple.

Rs.750: pooja will be performed utside Temple at Nagari Kumarula Mandapam, within Temple Premises

Rs.1500: pooja A/C Mantapam Outside Temple beside Addala Mandapam Near Dwajasthambham.

Rs.2500: pooja will be performed Near the Kalyanotsavam Mantapam inside the temple

Rs.5000: pooja will be performed Near Sahasra Linga shrine inside the temple.

Kaal Sarp Dosh Nivaran Mantra in Hindi:

ॐ हूं हूं स्वाहा , ॐ भू भुवः स्वाहा ,

ॐ त्र्यम्बकं यजामहे शुगंधिम पुष्टि वर्धनम ,

उर्वारुकमिव बन्धनं मृत्युर मुक्षीय माँ -मृतात ,

ॐ स्वाहा , भुवः भू ॐ स्वाहा , हूं हूं ॐ स्वाहा ||

Kaal Sarp Dosh Nivaran Mantra in English:

Om Hoom Hoom Swaha, Om Bhu Bhuvah Swaha ,

Om Tryambakam Yajamahe Shugandhim Pushti Vardhanam,

Urvaarukamiva Bandhanan Mrityur Muksheeya Ma-mritat Om Swaha,

Bhuvah Bhu Om Swaha, Hoom Hoom Om Swaha ||

Sri Kalahasti Kaal Sarp Dosh Nivaran Puja, Cost, Remedies, Puja, Timings

13 thoughts on “Sri Kalahasti Kaal Sarp Dosh Nivaran Puja, Cost, Remedies, Puja, Timings

  1. Name: Nithin Kumar.R
    Date & Timing: 16th July 1989 & 1.15 am
    Born Place: Bangalore, Karnataka.

    One of the pandit said that I have to do Kaal Sarp Dosha Nivaran in Sri Kalahasti and also Pitru Dosha in Rameshwaram. Please suggest me.

    Om Namah Shivaya 🕉️🙏

    1. Dear Nithin Kumar
      Perform Rahu Kethu pooja on an Amavasya thithi raahu kaal time for now and next year do it on the Jyeshta Amavasya thithi raahu kaal time of best result.
      Yes perform this pooja at Sri Kalahasthi temple next month Amavasya or as per your possibility.
      You don’t need to perform Pithru Karya at Raheeshwaram.
      But when you come to Kalahasthi to perform Rahu Kethu pooja first visit the Ganesh temple in the temple prakaram and do simple archana saying your Gothram and then perform Rudhra Abhishekam and then perform Rahu kethu pooja for good result.
      Regularly doing Rudhra Abhishekam and participating in the Pradosha Pooja held in any Shiva Temples is suggestible to get relief.
      And also donate food in either any Shiva Temples or in any Old Age Ashrams on Amavasya is a good remedy for you.
      Om Namah Shivaya

  2. Name: Siba prasad Das
    Date&Timing : 18-3-1977, 1:15am
    Place: Parvatipuram, Andhrapradesh. Pls confirm if kaala sarpa dosa exists. Also pls guide on any other doshas and nivaran

    1. Dear Siba Prasad Dass
      No you dont have Kaala sarpa dosham.
      May i know for what reason do you want to know about this dosha.
      Om Namah Shivaya

  3. Hi Sir,

    Name: Nishant Agarwal
    Place of birth: Biratnagar, Nepal
    Time of birth: 05.04.56 PM
    DOB: 22nd June 1978

    The kundali shows me Saade saathi and Kaal Sarpa. Could you please check and confirm? Please let me know where to do the puja if need and the cost.


    1. Dear Nishant Agarwal
      Yes there is Shani Saade Sathi and no Kaala Sarpa Dosham.
      Sade-Sati has effect on your profession, finance & family.
      Started : 26-10-2017 Ends : 29-3-2025. Presently it is in the peak stage.
      You can perform Tila Abhishekam in any temple that has Navagrahas where Lord Saturn is svailable.
      For once you can perform Abhishekam at Shani Singhanapur in Ahmed nagar, Maharashtra. You can visit its website to know the complete information about the Poojas available.
      If you could not able to visit the temple, just sincerely and ardently worship Lord Hanuman by reciting Hanuman chaleesha daily at home itself and visit Hanuman temple regularly. if you could please the Lord then intensity of Lord Shani Devas ill effect will get reduced.
      Om Namah Shivaya

  4. Dear Ravi Prasad
    No you don’t have Kaala sarpa yog as Rahu is aspected by Benefic Jupiter.
    You are prone to bad luck.
    Both career and Business sthana (houses) arr good but since bad you may not flourish or see desired establishment in them.
    Worship saffron colored idols of Lord Ganesh and Hanuman daily.
    Om Namah Shivaya

    1. Dear Shrilaxmi
      After taking The ticket the temple Priests will guide how to perform Kala Sarpa pooja.

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