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Srisailam Temple 2022 Makara Sankranti Ustavams

These Utsavams are performed on the occasion of Makara Sankramanam and are celebrated over a seven-day period with Panchahnika Deeksha in the month of Pushyam (the 10th month of the Indian calendar) which falls in the month of January at the Srisailam Bhramaramba Mallikarjuna temple.

Srisailam Temple 2022 Makara Sankranti Vahana Seva Details:

  • January 12 – Ankurarpana, Dwajarohanam
  • January 13 – Brungi Vahana Seva
  • January 14 – Ravana Vahana Seva
  • January 15 – Makara Sankranti, Nandi Vahana Seva, Sri Swami ammavari Kalyanam
  • January 16 – Pushpa Pallaki Seva
  • January 17 – Rudrayaga Purnahuthi, Trisula Snanam, Sadyasam, Nagavalli, Dwajavarohanam
  • January 18 – Aswavahana Seva, Pushpa Ustavam, Sayanotsavam.

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