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Tirthas | Theerthams |Theertams In Kailasagiri Hills

The well-known and holy thirthas in the Srikalahasti Kailasagiri hills are as below.

  • Harahar Theertham, at three miles distance from Kalahasti
  • Kalinga Theertham, which is five miles to the east of Kalahasti
  • SahasraLinga Theertam, at five miles southwest of Kalahasti
  • Markandeya Theertam, six and a half miles from SahasraLingaThirtham
  • Mayura Theertam, named afterMayuraMaharshi
  • Bharadwaja Theertam, three and a half miles from the main temple
  • Narada Theertamat the gateway of the town
  • Saraswati Theertam, which is believed to make dumb people talk when this water is drank as Prasada for forty days
  • Suka Theertamnamed after SukaMaharshi
  • Brahma Theertam
  • Manikarnika Theertam

Bharadwaja Theertham Kalahasti

Tirthas | Theerthams |Theertams In Kailasagiri Hills

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