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Tirumala Alipiri Ghat Road Open and Closing Timings, Rules, Guidelines, Toll Rules

The road will be closed in the night hours every day. However, on special occasions, vehicles can travel on Ghat’s roads throughout the day.

There are two different ghat roads. One ghat road is from Tirupati to Tirumala (17.8 km) and the other ghat road for return to Tirupati (18 km) is the old road. Both ghat roads are double lane. The Ghat road starts at Alipiri and you have to go through the security checkpoint and the toll station near Alipiri.

Below are the Tirumala Ghat Road Latest Timings:

Four Wheeler: 4:00 AM to 10:30 PM daily
Two Wheeler: 4:00 AM to 10:00 PM
At the point of entry on Ghat Road (Sapthagiri Toll plaza), each vehicle must record its time of entry. Travel time must not be less than 40 min. The token will be having the entry time, in which case, if the drive is less than the specified time, then the driver /vehicle is penalized for speed driving.

Pilgrims are requested to follow the travel time restrictions on ghat roads to ensure their safety.

Tirumala Ghat Road Guidelines:

  • No overtaking the vehicles at bends and narrow roads.
  • Vehicles must not overload the specified capacity at all costs.
  • Pilgrims can not drive fast and reach destinations before the mentioned time, which will result in fines and penalties.
  • Pilgrims should not bring any non-veg food items, masalas, Alcohol, fire materials, weapons, or flammable products Beedi, cigarettes, Gutka, Pan masalas are strictly prohibited on Tirumala Hills.
  • In case of Vehicle Breakdown / Accidents on ghat roads, contact 0877-2263636 / 9000503089 and 108 for the assistance of an auto clinic/crane and Ambulance.

Alipiri Tirumala Ghat Road Vehicles Charges:

Vehicle TypeSeating CapacityTwo-Way Fare
Car (Own)4Rs.15/-
Car (Rental, Taxi, Cabs)4Rs.25/-
Jeep (Rental)9Rs.50/-
2 Wheelers2Rs.2/-
Van (12 + 1)13Rs.60/-
A.P.S.R.T.C45No Charge
T.T.D Vehicles4No Charge
Govt. Vehicles6No Charge

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