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Tirumalaraya Mandapam | Temples in Tirumala

tirumalaraya_mandapamSaluvanarasimharayalu, the King of Vijayanagara emperor built the stone pillared pavilion called Tirumalaraya Mandapam, This mandapam was built to express his gratitude to Lord  Srinivasa for his help in his victories.
A detailed description of the Kalyanautsavam is mentioned separately under Arjitha Sevas. The devotees who go in Special darsanam have to go straight via Dwajasthambam and they miss to see all the above. But if there is heavy crowd, the devotees would be allowed to go via the route described above.

Every year, for five days, in the month of June and July, the Lord and his two consorts are placed on a rocking cradle in this mandapam. This ritual which used to enthrall the devotees. This ceremony is now discontinued.


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