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Tulabharam at Tirumala Malayappa Swamy Temple

TulabharamAbout Tulabharam (Tuladandam)

Thulabharam in Tirupati Temple is held at the Srivari Padi Kavali. In the Thulabaram ritual, a devotee sits on a pan of the weighing balance and the other pan is filled with materials greater than the weight of the devotee. Devotees usually offer sugar, jaggery or coins.

The commodity used to weigh is donated to Tirupati Venkateswara Temple. TTD, the administrative body of the temple, provides the materials needed for performing Tulabharam.

Thulabharam Reference in Siva Puranam

Tulabharam is a Hindu ritual that has been practised from Dwapara Yuga. Tulabharam means an individual weighing himself or herself in a weight balance and pay in equal weight of sugar, jaggery, gold, fruits or grains to God when one’s prayer was fulfilled.
The earliest reference to a Tulabharam comes from the Mahabharata, in regards to the nice emperor Sibi. He was so well-known his name is found in historic Tamil Sangam literature in 4 locations and later in lots of of locations. He was even praised in Buddhist Jataka tales and Borobudur (Indonesia) sculptures. Emperor Sibi was a simple king. Lord Indra and Agni wanted to test him and came in the form of an eagle and a dove. When the dove came to Sibi for protection from the chasing eagle, Sibi was prepared to offer anything to save the dove. The eagle requested him to offer his flesh measure for measure. Sibi cut himself little by little but the pans in the balance were never equal. At final when he himself stood on the pan the Gods appeared and blessed him. The story is present in different Sanskrit work also.”

Tulabharam at Tirumala Malayappa Swamy Temple

2 thoughts on “Tulabharam at Tirumala Malayappa Swamy Temple

    1. Dear Sivaramabrahma
      No it is not available for Tulabharam and you need to do it at the temple only.
      Any how please TTD whatsapp @ +91 93993 99399 for precise information.
      Om Namo Venkateshwaraya

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