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Tirupati Sri Kodanda Rama Temple 2022 Brahmotsavam

30-03-2022 Tirupati Kodanda Rama Swamy Temple Brahmotsavam
07-04-2022 Tirupati Kodanda Rama Sway Temple Brahmotsavam Ends

The life size deities of Lord Sri Rama, Goddess Sita Devi and Sri Lakshmana in their adorable forms have been blessing the devotees for centuries.

The nine-day Annual Brahmotsavams happens to be the most important festival that is being observed with religious pomp and gaiety in this famous Lord Sri Rama temple every year by TTD.

The important days during Brahmotsavams include Dwajarohanam on March 30, Kalpavruksha on April 2.

Garuda Seva on April 3, Rathotsavam on April 6 and Chakra snanam on April  7.

Ahead of Brahmotsavams the TTD is performing the holy temple cleaning, Koil Alwar Thirumanjanam on March 27.

Kodanda Ramaswamy Temple Brahmotsavam 2022 Schedule:

30th March 2022 – Morning: Dwajarohanam, Evening: Pedda Sesha Vahanam
31st March 2022 – Morning: Chinna Sesha Vahanam, Evening: Hamsa Vahanam
1st April 2022 – Morning: Simha Vahanam, Evening: Muthyapu pandiri Vahanam
2nd April 2022 – Morning: Kalpavruksha Vahanam, Evening: Sarvabhupala Vahanam
3rd April 2022 – Morning: Pallaki Utsavam, Evening: Garuda Vahanam
4th April 2022 – Morning: Hanumantha Vahanam Evening: Gaja Vahanam
5th April 2022 – Morning: Surya Prabha Vahanam Evening: Chandraprabha Vahanam
6th April 2022 – Morning: Rathotsavam, Evening: Aswa Vahanam
7th April 2022 – Morning: Chakrasnanam, Evening: Dwaja Avarohanam

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