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Ujjain Ram Janardan Temple Timings, History

Ujjain Ram Janardan Temple is 4 km from Ujjain Junction, located on the banks of river Shirpa in Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh. Ram Janardhan Mandir is a holy temple near Sandipani ashram, it is one of the major attractions of Ujjain. The Ram Janki Mandir and Vishnu Janardan temples in the Ram Janardan temple complex were built by Mirza Raja Jai Singh in the 17th century.

The most famous Mahakaleshwar & Harsiddhi is this magnificent temple dedicated to Sri Rama. He gave Dharshan with Mata Janaki (Sita Devi) and Sri Lakshman with Lord Hanuman seated at his prostrating feet. There are also shrines for Shiva and Kali here.

What makes Sri Ram’s idol unique is the fact that Ram is depicted with a beard. The surrounding wall and the neighboring reservoir were added by the Marathas in the 18th century. In the garbha griha, you can see beautiful paintings from the Maratha period depicting scenes from the Ramayana. The sculpture of Sheshasayi Vishnu installed between the meeting hall and the garbha griha of the Ram Janki temple dates from the 10th century, while that of Lord Bramha, Sri Vishnu and Maheshwara (Shiva) is from the 12th century AD.

Ujjain Ram Janardan Temple complex has Maratha-style paintings depicting scenes from the life of Sri Ram and Sri Krishna. It is a fine example of Maratha art. It was during the reign of Maratha that Ujjain became the meeting place for painters of the Poona and Kangra styles. The impact of the two different painting styles is distinctive. Examples of the Maratha style can be found in the temples of Ram Janardan, Kal Bhairav, Kalpeshwar, and Tilakeshwar, while the traditional Malwa style can be seen in the Sandipani ashram and in many large local Seth houses.Ujjain Sri Ram Janardan Temple

Ujjain Sri Ram Janardan Mandir Timings: 6.00 AM to 7.00 PM

Ram Janardan Mandir Address:

Madhya Pradesh – 456006

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