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Vinayaka Swamy Body Meaning | Pillayar Swami | Shri Ganesh Symbolism

The head of Lord Ganesh represents the Atma (the soul or ultimate reality), while his body signifies the world and earthly realm of human beings.

His fan like ears represents that he is all ears to our petitions

The elephant trunk had the symbol of OM on it, which is the primal sound and symbol of the Universal reality.

In 3 of his hands he holds various tools that are symbolic tools for enlightenment.
He holds a pasam or rope, goad or axe, and a bowl of rice of or a sweet dessert ball.

The pasam or rope has three braids, each braid representing a different cautionary lesson: arrogance, Maya or the illusionary nature of the world, and ignorance.

The goad is a staff used to herd elephants and reminds the devotee to steer clear of a self-defeating path, while the axe represents the ability to cut unhealthy attachment to the material world.

The rice or sweet dessert represents the reward, or the sweetness of living in enlightenment, and the fullness of wisdom. It promises happiness in return for devotion.

Lord Ganesh’s fourth hand is always free, palm extended in a blessing.

The snake that runs round his waist represents energy in all forms and also remind us Lord Ganesha is Shiva’s son.

Lord Ganesha’s vehicle is a mouse, representing not only how much importance a wise man gives to the tiniest of creatures, but also agility and resourcefulness.

Ganesha Symbolism