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Lord Shiva Different Abhishekams and there Uses

In all Temple Devotees and the priests perform Abhishekam with milk, Yogurt (curd), Honey, Ghee, Sugar, Water, Sandal and other materials. The uses are briefly explained below.

Milk is for the blessing of purity and piousness.
Yogurt is for prosperity and progeny.
Honey is for sweet speech.
Ghee is for victory.
Sugar is for happiness.
Water is for purity.

Shiva Linga Abhishekams

After the Abhisheks are performed, some devotees also offer the Bilwa leaves, which have to be a stalk with three leaves, is kept on top of the Shivalinga to cool the hot-tempered deity. Thereafter, kumkum (vermilion) is applied.
Devotees also burn incense sticks as is said to yield wealth.
Many also light lamps to symbolize attainment of knowledge.
Ber or jujube fruit is also offered to Lord Shiva, as it is symbolic of longevity and gratification of desires.

Lord Shiva Different Abhishekams and there Uses

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