Walajapet Sri Danvantri Arogya Temple Specialty, Special Days

Sri Danvantri Arogya Temple Unique Features:

  1. This is the first universal Peedam with Lord Danvantri, referred to as the Aadhi Vaidhyar (“The first Doctor”) is the main deity. It is also the first centre to have associated healing deities alongside in the same complex.
    Conceived as a healing space, this is the first centre to have a deity at the doorstep open 24 hours, in the concept of a duty doctor, to address emergency needs.
  2. It is a Peedam that dedicates its healing prayers to global welfare.
    As a healing space, this is the first Peedam which has been awarded the ISO 9001:2008 certification. (Providing Danvantric salvation and healing services)
    It is the first Peedam to dedicate a day in a year to the welfare of doctors, astrologers, purohits, saints, artistes, pontiffs, etc.
  3. It is truly a secular as persons of any religion are permitted to participate, symbolically an egalitarian approach. This is the first-of-its-kind in medical considerations.
  4. The Sanctum Sanctorum has been energised by mantras written by common people irrespective of caste and creed who intended for this space to be energised. 50 Crores mantras were needed to sanctify the sanctum sanctorum. This was sent out as an appeal to people by advertisement and word of mouth.
    Mantras poured in and the count of mantras received stood at 54 crores!!!
    In 100 days, 100 homams (yagnas) were performed.
    Before the completion of the Peedam, 147 homams were performed.
    Since the completion of the Peedam to date, more than 5000 homams have been performed.
  5. Shri Muralidhara Swamigal has since he began this journey to build this complex, visited 10.000 temples across the length and breadth of this country.
    The recent celebration of 5 celestial weddings (Siddhi Buddhi Ganapathy, Valli Devasena Murugar, Meenakshi Sundareswarar, Seetha Ramar, Arogya Lakshmi Danvantri) on the same platform is unique and has not been attempted before.
  6. In establishing the Danvantri Arogya centre, he decided to revive an age-old tradition of karikolam.
  7. Karikolam may be described as a Road Show. Karikolam is the practice of taking the idol, before it is anchored in the sanctum sanctorum, to homes of various devotees, temples, hospitals, peedams, ashrams, community hall, research centres, labs, etc., to bless them and also to inform the community of the proposal to build the centre.
  8. Danvantri travelled extensively more than 200,000 kilometres in karikolam.
    Shri Muralidhara Swamigal personally accompanied the idol on the entire journey.
  9. The homam Agni (fire) here for global welfare has been burning, 24 hours a day since 2004.
    The only centre where the Gayatri Devi (5-head goddess) representing the Vedas and Maha Meru is installed together.
  10. This complex was established with the intention of a single person desirous of fulfilling his mother’s wish for healing, without a dent in one’s pocket, those afflicted by cancer. He got to the root of illness and founded a centre that would integrate all energies necessary for holistic healing.
  11. The One & Only centre where a wheel of life (‘Kaala Chakram’) has been built consisting of plants for 27 stars, 12 star-signs, 9 planets which represent the astronomy & astrological science, circumambulating which we include the entire humanity of the world.
  12. The only centre where one can really access community deities through Lord Muneeswara, situated in a herbal garden consisting of 108 varieties of herbs.
    The first centre where Shirdi Baba can be seen two sides – Golden Baba facing the West represents VALUE and Marble Baba facing the East represents MATERIAL.
  13. The first centre to have Danvantri and Vinayaka sculpted on a single stone.
    The first centre to have Rahu and Kethu as a single identity sculpted on a single stone.
  14. The first centre to have Mahishasura Mardhini with a smile and the Mahishi in full form;
  15. The first centre to have the 1000 armed Karthaveerya Arjuna, sculpted in a green stone with 16 hands depicting the 16 forms of wealth that man seeks. It is the only place to show him in 4 forms:
    (a)As Sudharshan Alwar,
    (b)As a King,
    (c)As (Kaaval Deivam) who maintains the security of peoples possessions,
    (d)As Maha Vishnu The Supreme Lord.
  16. The first centre to show 468 siddhars in the form of lingams.
  17. The first centre to show Sanjeevi Anjaneyar, the restorer of life in our epic Ramayana, positioned in an open space, as he is the son of Vayu (Wind) with nine different types of Anjaneyar in the nine steps (Nine steps representing Nine Planets) as he is the Nava Vyaakarna Pandithar.
  18. The first centre to show Kulandhai Anandha Swamigal with his disciple Seshadri Swamigal in the base of the pedestal with sun and moon on both sides and with Divine Mother Meenakshi Ammal embossed on his chest.
  19. The first centre in the South to have Maha Avatar Baba – for the first time enshrined in an ashram in the Himalayas setup with 4 entrances to the meditation hall.
  20. The first centre to show Hayagrivar – Lakshmi Hayagriva with Vedanta Desika at the base of the pedestal;
  21. The first centre to show Shri Raghavendra with Kamadhenu (the cow that gives everything).
  22. The first centre to show Bala Murugar – with his foster mothers called ‘Karthigai Pengal’ (celebrated as the six stars) holding children play items (Sun, Moon, Peacock, Spade, Lotus, Milk bowl) depicted at the base of the pedestal;
  23. The first centre to enshrine Sri Padham (honoured feet) in honour of our human manifestation, our parents.
  24. The first centre to show ‘Arogya Lakshmi’ the doctor consort of the celebrated Doctor Danvantri;
  25. The first centre to show Pattabhisheka Ramar, 14 idols sculpted in a single stone, to show that power and administration plays a role in keeping people healthy; (a very contemporary idea);
  26. The first centre to show Maraghadha Lingam on a Nandhi pedestal;
  27. The first centre to show Vasavi Kannika Parameswari, the ruling deity of a specific community in a peedam;
  28. The first centre to install Danvantri likhita mantras below all the idols.
  29. The first centre to have a special significant space for gurus (Teacher) Vallalar, Kanchi Maha Periyavar, Dakshinamurthy, Raghavendra, Shirdi Sai Baba.
  30. The first centre to depict Nava Kannigaigal, without a face, under a sacred tree (Athi Maram) as they depict different attributes.
  31. The first centre to install 6-foot circled Vaasthu Purushar idol facing the sky with Ashtadhik Balakas (Deities guarding the eight directions of this universe) in the form of Sivalingams.

Sri Danvantri Arogya Temple Special Days:

National Youth Day12 January
World Religion Day14 January
Army Day15 January
Republic Day26 January
Martyrs’ Day30 January
World Cancer Day4 February
International Day of Zero Tolerance to F G M6 February
National Science Day28 February
International Women’s Day8 March
World Astrologers Day20 March
World Forestry Day21 March
World Water Day22March
World Meteorological Day23 March
World TB Day24 March
World Health Day7 April
World Heritage Day18 April
Earth Day22 April
World Malaria Day25 April
Workers’ Day1 May
World Mothers’ Day2 May
Press Freedom Day3 May
World Red Cross Day8 May
National Technology Day11 May
International Day of the Family15 May
World Telecommunication Day17 May
Commonwealth Day24 May
Anti Tobacco Day31 May
World Tobacco Day31 May
Father’s Day2 June
International Day of Aggression towards Innocent Children4 June
World Environment Day5 June
World Blood Donor Day14 June
International Day against Drug Abuse & Illicit Trafficking26 June
World Doctors Day1 July
World Population Day11 July
World Hepatitis Day28 July
World Breastfeeding Week1-7 August
International Friendship Day3 August
Indian Independence Day15 August
World Humanitarian Day19 August
National Sports Day29 August
Teachers Day5 September
World Literacy Day8 September
World Suicide Prevention Day10 September
World Ozone Day16 September
World Peace Day21 September
Day of the Deaf26 September
World Tourism Day27 September
World Rabies Day28 September
World Heart Day29 September
International Day of the Elderly1 October
World Animal Welfare Day4 October
Indian Air Force Day8 October
World Post Office Day9 October
World Mental Health Day10 October
World Sight Day13 October
World Food Day16 October
World Science Day10 November
World Diabetes Day14 November
Children’s Day14 November
World Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Day16 November
World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims20 November
International Day for the Elimination of voilence against Women25 November
World AIDS Day1 December
International Day of Persons with Disabilities3 December
Navy Day4 December
Human Rights Day10 December

Sri Danvantri Arogya Peedam Address:

Danvantri Nagar,
Tamil Nadu – 632513.
Mobile : +91-9443330203
E-mail: [email protected]